The Secondary Exercises

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Text excerpt from The Art Of Craft (The Guitar Circle Book) by Robert Fripp.
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The Secondary Exercises.

1) The First Secondary; of combined ascending and descending fingerings.
2) The Second Secondary; of graduated extension for the right hand.
3) The Third Secondary; of extended lateral fingering.
4) The Fourth Secondary; the tremolo.
5) The Fifth Secondary; of extended vertical fingering.
6) The Sixth Secondary; of varied duration, where notes held by the left hand are of different values.
7) The Seventh Secondary; of combination.

The principle guiding the Secondaries is extension.

The First Primary, with fingering on one string, becomes the First Secondary by moving the same finger combinations from one string to two, three, four, five and six strings; through a series of developing and proliferating variations. These variations are quasi-endless.

In musical practice, some finger combinations are more useful than others. Hence the primary criterion is musicality; ie judgement on which variations to pursue is guided by the requirements of the repertoire under consideration. Finger combinations which are musically “less useful” are nevertheless exercises in developing a fully-developed digital calisthenic.

The Second Primary, with alternate picking on one string, in the Second Secondary becomes a “down stroke” that covers two, three and more strings, the return (or up stroke) stroke similarly.

Robert Fripp

Sunday 16th. October, 2016;
Casa de Ejercicios Espirituales “Catalina de María”,
Hermanas Esclavas del Corazón de Jesús,
Carlos Pellegrini 238, (5104) Villa Allende
Córdoba, Argentina.

The First Secondary




Secondaries developed from the First Primary.