Two / Seven Affirmations

Seven Affirmations

Affirmation One:

The benevolence of the Creative Impulse is inexpressible.

We cannot know this benevolence, while accepting that Benevolence knows us better than we know ourselves.

Affirmation Two:

Love cannot bear that even one soul be denied its place in Paradise.

Affirmation Three:

In strange and uncertain times, sometimes a reasonable person might despair.

But Hope is unreasonable, and Love is greater even than this.

Affirmation Four:

Music is our friend, if only we might listen; if only we can listen.

Affirmation Five:

The poverty of our nature is no limit to our aspiration.

Affirmation Six:

Although I stumble and fall, each time I will rise again.

Affirmation Seven:

Not even death can end the process of our becoming.

Love Cannot Bear: Soundscapes Live In The USA (2005)