Two / Paradise – Paradise Lost – Paradise Regained

Paradise – Paradise Lost – Paradise Regained

Paradise is our natural condition. This is the good news.
Our condition is unnatural. This is the bad news.

Love cannot bear that even one soul be denied its place in paradise. This is even better news.
But, we cannot bear Love. This is terrible news.

Paradise is always available. This is more good news.
But, we are not always available to paradise. This is more bad news.

Firstly, we are in paradise.
Secondly, we fall from paradise.
Thirdly, we recognise that we have fallen from paradise.
Fourthly, we acknowledge our fall.
Fifthly, we address the journey that is our returning to Paradise, our becoming more fully who and what we are, which enables us to bear the world of the Real.

There is more good news: help is waiting for us. Actually, help has always been with us, but we were not able to accept Help. This is a condition of the Fall.

Paradise regained, for those prepared to persist in reclaiming what is (in a proper world) a natural state, is to know Paradise as if for the first time.

And, when we find ourselves once more in Paradise, we may find Paradise itself only a beginning.

Sunday 30th. April, 2006