Two / Ordering The Day

Ordering The Day

We begin our day with definition, clarity, certainty.

When our feet hit the floor, we salute the day and say Hello God! (whatever God may be for us).

Before we end the day, before we say Goodnight God! (whatever God may be for us) and our head hits the pillow, we move our attention backwards through the day, recapitulating the day’s events and our living of the day. We are digesting our experience that our experience may better nourish us.

We may find periods of time that elude us, escaping our efforts to retrieve lost moments where our life is hiding from us.

Where were we? Clearly, we were not there; we were not present; we were not, properly, alive.

So, how to increase our remembering, recollection, recall?

One recommendation is to place signposts on the hour. These provide additional points of definition, clarity and certainty that, when we look backwards through the day, we find a series of connecting moments waiting for us.

And, before our head hits the pillow, with definition, clarity and certainty, we put part of our attention forward to when our feet hit the floor and we begin our day, again.

This completes the circle.

Sunday 28th. January, 2007;
Monasterio Nuestra Senora De Los Angeles (Monjas Dominicas),
Sant Cugat, Spain.