Two / A Singularity

A Singularity

A primary aim in developing a discipline is to establish a singularity. What is singularity?

It is to know for a certainty that, when I say I will, all the various parts which comprise the totality of who and what I am, can be relied upon to act as one.

The question – how to establish a singularity? – is then answered simply: by establishing a personal discipline.

Guitar Craft has been described as a way of developing relationships with the guitar, with music and with ourself.

It is not possible to be with others, in any real sense, until we can be with ourself.

So, one way of looking at the work of Guitar Craft is to see it as a way of preparing us to be, in a real sense, with others.

Work in the Guitar Circle has been described as a way of working with others.

So, to enter the Guitar Circle a degree of singularity is necessary.

Fortunately, working with others within the Circle is itself a way of developing singularity, with and among other singularities.

At a certain point, the Circle itself becomes a singularity, while also a multiplicity of singularities.

It is probably not possible to convey in words a sense of this quality, of when the Circle comes to life; that is, when a multiplicity becomes one, of when One embraces a multiplicity.

Also fortunately, this experience is not only possible; but as readily available to us as we are to the Circle.