The Guitar Circle book by Robert Fripp. Table Of Contents

The Guitar Circle

by Robert Fripp

Honour necessity.
Honour sufficiency.

Table of Contents

Before The Beginning

What Is The Challenge?

We Begin Where We Are

What Am I Going To Do With The Rest Of My Life?

Let The Power Fall


An Introduction To Guitar Craft

The Art Of Craft

Letters To The Second Guitar Craft (US) Level Three

Suffer! Then Die In A Blaze Of Glory And Live Eternally Among The Stars!

Guitar Craft House Rules

The Standard Required

Introduction To Kitchen Craft

The Great Divide

Helpful People Are A Nuisance

Guitar Craft Face

Guitar Circle Face


Translation Is Unnecessary

The Art And Science Of Heckling



Journal: Level One, Alfeld, Germany 3rd. – 8th. August 1998

Journal: Level One & Level Two, Lebanon, NJ 2nd. – 9th. September 2000

Journal: The Guitar Circle, Sant Cugat, Spain. 7th. – 12th. July 2011


Points Of Seeing


Seven Affirmations

Life Is Hard, We Suffer and Then We Die

Guitar Craft Journals

The Morning Sitting


Ordering The Day

On Being A Hero

A Singularity

It’s Overwhelming!

From Good To Great


The House Where Music Lives

When Music Leans Over And Whispers In Our Ear…

Paradise – Paradise Lost – Paradise Regained




Nine Recognisable Characteristics Of Mastery

An Interior Architecture (notes)

Any Living Practice Is Creative In Its Nature

Who Is The Future?

We Do What Is Possible And Allow Space For The Impossible…


Music So Wishes To Be Heard…

The Professional Life

The Best We Can Do

The Assumption Of Virtue


The Observer

Five Questions From A College In England

A Question From A Crafty In England

Four Qualities Of Undertaking

States And Stations


The Orchestra Of Crafty Guitarists

The Act Of Music Is Social

Six Principles Of The Performance Event

Seven Assumptions For Work In The Circle

A Common Practice

Work In The Circle

The Centre Of The Circle

A Few Words On The Qualities Of Improvising…

A Brief Approach To Nervousness In Performance

Qualities Of Time And Our Experiencing Of It…

A Few Words On Time And Our Relating To It…

The Death Of Music

When Ready, Please Begin

Instructions called, to guide extemporizing by The Orchestra Of Crafty Guitarists II at Raft Island

The Orchestra Of Crafty Guitarists II

Instructions called, to guide extemporizing by The Orchestra Of Crafty Guitarists II in public performance at Fremont Abbey, Seattle

The Artist Must Be True


The Guitarist Inside


Guitar Craft Aphorisms