One / Squerd


A category of food found on many, if not all, Guitar Craft courses.

Commonly takes the form of a glutinous mass with uniform color and consistency, of indeterminate and indeterminable origins.

The assumption is that, whatever the origins may be, this food is good for you.

There are currently two categories of squerd: savoury and dessert.

The colours of savoury squerd tend toward brown and green, indicating the healthy origins of the fundamental ingredient/s: these must be vegetable. Sometimes, however, the colours are brighter: for example, orange (swede) and scarlet-purple (beetroot). These more demonstrative colours may sometimes be compromised by the inclusion of less exciting vegetables, colourwise, in the composite squerd-conglutination. In which case, the default colour tends towards brown.

Dessert squerd frequently features bright colours, often semi-luminescent, and even approximating to psychedelic.

One is not sure that this food is any good for us at all. But by the time dessert squerd has been served—usually, few care.

Tuesday, 12th. February 2002
St. Vincent de Paul Circle V Ranch,
Santa Barbara, California.