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Guitar Craft Face

The Kitchen Team played three pieces and, judging by their faces, looked as if they were having a terrible time. A face holding an expression like this is known as Guitar Craft Face. Something like a hairy, bespectacled, earnest, male Crimson-fan Face; but to the power of three.

What is the worst you might imagine about-to-be-becoming-happening in your life? Answer this question with a facial expression:

= beginning Guitar Craft Face.

Then, remove from this face all possibility that life without pain is possible; hold the notion that joy has been extracted from the universe over eons by a cosmic suction pump twice the size of the universe itself; then throw in the concept of infinite time in which to practice the First & Second Primaries:

= Guitar Craft Face up-and-running.

Hey! And it gets better even than this. Like, if you’re German. Until Guitar Craft went to Germany, the Face was only in the early stages of development.

And that’s another story.

Thursday, 6th. April 2000
Seminario San Jose, Gandara,
Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.