0. Before The Beginning / We Begin Where We Are

We Begin Where We Are


We begin where we are.
So, where are we?

Before we move from A to B, better to know we’re at A.
How do we know where we are?

By getting to know ourselves.
How do we get to know ourselves?

We put part of our attention on the outside, and part of our attention on the inside.

We divide our attention between what we are doing, and our internal responses to what we are doing.

We watch what we are doing, while simultaneously watching our responses:

sensing our physical relaxation;
our thinking;
our feeling.

So, how well we get to know ourselves is determined by our capacity to divide the attention.
That is, how well we get to know ourselves is determined by the quality of our attention.

We know ourselves to the degree that our attention is available to know ourselves.

The extent of our attention in time is called our Present Moment.
The spacial extent of our attention is reflected in how far, geographically, our interests and influence extend.

So, how much attention do we have?
The quick answer, from someone who has been looking at this for a long time, is: not very much.


Now, assuming we are at A, and wish to move to B, the injunction is:

Before we do something, we do nothing.
Do nothing – as much as you can!

If we are doing nothing, rather than doing something, something has already changed.

What has changed?

Our attitude to doing.
Our attitude has changed.

Everything is different.
Everything is the same.
But in how I see the same, is the difference.


We begin where we are.
So, where are we?

We are where we need to be.

This is the good news: all the activities, events and circumstances of our lives have brought us to this point.
This is where we are.

So, are we here, now?
And if so, how do we know this, for a certainty?

October 3-5th. 2007
DGM HQ, Wiltshire, England