0. Before The Beginning / What Is The Challenge?

What Is The Challenge?

For those engaged in the flows and flurries of contemporary living: what is the challenge?

The challenge is to be present in the maelstrom and the nonsense; respond to its demands where necessary; and not react to its pressures.

The word for this is freedom, but not a freedom outside the bustle; it is holding a still point within the bustle.

Outside: nonsense.
Inside: purpose, poise, grace.

Outside, the bustle continues.
Inside, the bustle has no purchase.

It is not our aim to drive out noise.
It is our aim to invite in Silence.

How can we force quiet on the exterior world?
But inside is a place where quiet is present.

How can we force peace on a world in conflict?
But inside is a place where peace has entered.

May 25th. 2007
DGM Diary
Edit January 25th. 2011