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Mariana Scaravilli:

Send A Piece Of History
written, pictorial, audiovisual and event upload forms.

Important, please read:

Scanned materials:
the suggested scanning resolution is 300dpi, jpg format.

Text files: please send in editable text format (word document, .rtf, .txt).

The files will remain private until published.
The material received will increasingly be published on this website and may also become part of a GC archive on the DGM website.

When you send files through this website:
you are uploading the files to its server however you are not publishing it.
A success message displays at the end of the uploading process.

If the upload forms method does, for any reason, prevent you from sending material, please send an email informing the total size of your files (if these cannot be sent via email). You will be advised on how to send them.

displays all past events (courses, projects, performances…) chronologically, following the order in which they took place; beginning with the most recent ones.

Stream Of History
displays all pieces of history (including events too), chronologically sorted, following the order in which they were published on this website; beginning with the most recent ones.

an overview, in progress, of relevant key events.