Europe Project

On October 2017, a team of 14 did retreat to work intensively on Circulations with the aim of documenting Guitar Craft Circulations forms for the ongoing GC History Project.

The team
11 players: Michele Agazzi, Alessandro Bruno, Giorgia Casmirro, Riccardo Cirani, Adriano Clera, Udo Dzierzanowski, Alain Pinero, Mariana Scaravilli, Martin Schwutke, Candelaria Varela and Mikael Weichbrodt.
Audio & video producers: Massimo D’Avanzo and Alessandro Papa.
Artistic painter & supporter: Maria Luisa Giuliani.

The project was called “We Only Have What We Give Away. The Art Of Circulating.” and was held in Ceprano, Italy.

The material below was created during the project and later post produced by Alessandro Bruno.

“Il Circolo” by Maria Luisa Giuliani.

Circulation D Melodic Minor (3 Octaves) – Basic Form To The Right With Return

Circulation Any note – Basic Form To The Right With Return, Minus 1

Circulation Procession Chords – Cascading To The Right, Then To The Left

Circulation D min + A min pentatonic – Variegated Form To The Right Skip 1, Minus 1

Circulation C Major (3 Octaves) – Variegated Form To The Right With Return, 3 Minus 1

Circulation Any note – Variegated Form to the right – 5 minus 2

Circulation – Free Form

Circulation C Symmetrical – Let’s circulate with thumbs…


Larks Circulation + Thrak