International AAD 2021

Date or timeframe: 20-01-2021 / 28-02-2021
City: Wordlwide


With this IAAD, we are taking a slightly different approach. While we recognize the need for the right thing to present itself, we also recognize that we are all busy people with complicated lives. Our solution is a more structured AAD with weekly Themes planned in advance, repeating weekly slots of material, and special one-off topics from guest presenters. This more structured framework will allow us to explore topics in more depth, and be able to anticipate the schedule to a greater degree.

In terms of commitment, we are asking that each person commit to the morning sitting, as well as 30 minutes/day of practice. This practice can be anything, as long as it is clearly defined. These two pieces of work that we all commit to will create the foundation for the AAD. 

The suggested donation for this IAAD is $200, though Best Shots are available as needed.

To register, please submit an application letter to detailing:

Who are you?

Where are you from?

What is your practice commitment?

What is your aim for the AAD?

Once your letter is received you will receive more instructions soon. We’ll be using the same website as previous projects, and John Peacock has graciously agreed to be our Caretaker once again. The site will open closer to the beginning of the course, and we’ll include some info from him regarding logins and other info closer to the beginning.

Thank you everyone, and we look forward to seeing you on the AAD!

Best wishes,

Chris G., Dev, and Erin

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