The Guitar Ensemble · Beginners Course Weekend (Introduction To Guitar Ensemble)

Date or timeframe: 22-08-2020 / 23-08-2020
Venue: Antikriegswerkstatt
City: Sievershausen (Hannover)
Country: Germany


Saturday, August 22th, 2020 to Sunday, August 23rd, 2020 · , Germany.

Guided by Marian Hafenstein and Hernan Nunez.
George Porter (certified AT teacher) will present the Alexander Technique.
Local Coordinators: Friederike Beins and George Porter.

This Course is open to anyone who wishes to attend, even those without any prior experience on the guitar.
The Guitar Craft Tuning and several basic Guitar Ensemble practices and techniques will be presented.
This is the Course for anyone who wishes to make a beginning in the Guitar Ensemble and it is also recommended to those who have already attended GC Courses and wish to reconnect by reviewing the presented techniques.

Sievershausen is a small village ca 30 km from Hannover. Space is limited, if you wish to attend please apply asap in order to reserve your place.

A fluency in English is an advantage. The minimum required age to apply is eighteen.

In order to attend, an application letter in English is required, focusing on the following questions:

1 – Who are you?
2 – Why do you wish to attend?
3 – What is your Aim?

Please include your full name and phone number; we will contact you by phone and/or email. If accepted to attend, you’ll receive detailed info about exact location, transportation, what you need to bring, contribution terms, and other practicalities.

The project is residential, accommodation and meals will be provided.

Inquiries, further info and Application Letters:

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