Creating Music Together: Writing for Music Box

Date or timeframe: 11-06-2020 / 18-06-2020


Thursday, June 11th – Thursday, June 18th

The 7-day course is a workshop for people who would like to explore creativity through music. For curious, supportive, thoughtful humans – you don’t have to ever have written music before. Everyone writes and everyone shares their creations for music box (no electronics). Participants are expected to obtain a Kikkerland music box kit prior to the beginning of the course (~$20).

Each day there will be a morning sitting at 9:15am and an evening session at 9:15pm including sharing moments from our day, presentations on Reporting with Frank Sheldon, Introduction to Composition, Listening Exercises, and performances of music written for music box.

$150 suggested donation gladly accepted, but not required. Pay what you can. 

To apply, email, tell us who you are and why you want to join.

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