International AAD 2020 II

Date or timeframe: 27-05-2020 / 05-07-2020


Having let go of the previous 40 day AAD project, held from March 25 to May 3 this year, a strong need remains not only for continuing working together at-a-distance, but also for building upon that experience and further exploring all the new things it showed us about working together while physically apart.

There is a real possibility that at-a-distance work may become increasingly crucial in the future, and the current crisis offers us an invaluable opportunity to continue preparing ourselves for this. Our sense is that it is important for us to step through this door while it is still open.

And why not have some fun at the same time? The previous International AAD project featured a wonderful coming-together of crafties from all generations, together brewing up a lively squerd of everything from Keynotes to Sambamatics, to Calisthenics and inner work, as well as both performances and Tea Time live on Zoom, and much more!

Several of those who helped guide that project have now already been in touch offering their support and expressed their wish to be a part of these upcoming 40 days of work. We’ll continue to leave the specifics up to the moment and let the project define itself as much as possible, while we aim to act as a self-organising whole as much as we’re able to bear.

This project is for those who have some previous GC experience and have been introduced to the Morning Sitting, to which all participants will be asked to commit for the duration of the project.

Dev and Mika are the core facilitating duo for this project. A number of other experienced Crafties have been invited to take part in the organisation and guidance of the work, mostly based on who were involved in the previous project. If you see yourself in any such role for this project, please let us know!

The minimum fee for participation is $50, but we welcome larger contributions from those who wish and are able to make them. If this is not possible for you, a best shot is also acceptable. 

To register, please submit an application letter to detailing:

Who are you?

Where are you from?

Why do you wish to participate?

What is your aim for this 40-day AAD?

Once your letter is received and accepted, you will receive more information.

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