Reconnect and Recharge Weekend

Date or timeframe: 26-03-2020 / 29-03-2020
Venue: All Saints Retreat Center
City: Gig Harbor, WA
Country: United States


Directed by Curt Golden and Tony Geballe

Assisted by Chris Doering, Adrian Fortis, Chris Gibson, Dev Ray and Erin Wigger

Presented by Ray of Light

Arrivals: Thursday, March 26 morning to early afternoon.
Departures: Sunday, March 29 before lunch.

This reconnecting weekend is open to those with previous experience with the work of the Guitar Circle. It will provide an opportunity to reestablish a connection with the principles of guitar playing as well as working within the Circle. The Alexander Technique will be presented by Erin Wigger, Chris Gibson will introduce Tai Chi and Chris Doering will lead work on our Inner Life.

Fee: $450.00

To register, please submit an application letter to detailing:

Who are you?

Why do you wish to participate?

What is your aim?

If accepted to attend, you’ll receive detailed info about exact location, transportation, what you need to bring, form of payment, and other practicalities.

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