The Basics of Personal and Group Practice (Now AAD!)

Date or timeframe: 16-03-2020 / 22-03-2020
City: Ceprano
Country: Italy


Please note that because of the current pandemic, we will no longer meet in Ceprano as planned.

The Team will however get together At-A-Distance, March 16-22, to work on “The Basics” as originally intended.

Nothing can replace a residential project in its entirety, but by discharging one small piece of quality work together AAD, we can still re-direct and make use of some of the available energy.

Work will be presented with and without guitar, using Zoom and email as communication tools.

This one week AAD is open to anyone with GC experience. Participation is free, but voluntary contributions towards recouping the losses caused by the cancellation will be gratefully accepted.

If you wish to participate, please send an application letter to and, answering the following questions:

Who are you?

Why do you wish to participate?

What is your aim?

You will then receive further information.

If you already applied to the project in its original form, please just send us a short message letting us know that you are in. Your original aim will then stand. No need to send a new application letter – unless you specifically wish to do so.

When people get together, something happens.

When people get together with music, something remarkable happens.

Dear Friends,

Here we are ringing a bell, waving a flag.

After a period of three years during which we’ve met and worked together with different approaches like Music In Silence, Circulation Project, and lately the FQM Retreat On The Road, we feel the need to get together to address “the basics” of our common practice.

Our aim is to reconnect to and re-vitalise our relationship with the fundamental body of principles and techniques we’ve acquired during our many years of work together, for both group work and personal practice, with and without the guitar; Morning Sitting, the Primaries, Circulation, Kitchen and House Work, and so on.

Since the completion of GC, we’ve gained significant new insights and perspectives through the projects mentioned above. These are now available to help us breathe new life into our way of working – so while going “back” to the basics, we do so while assuming the virtue of innocence within a field of experience.

We note that we are currently in the early phase of a new 7 year cycle for our work, while the current action of KC is reaching far and wide, and an Intro to GC with RF will be held this autumn in the US. Things are moving – and now is the time to prepare for what the future may bring.

The house is Villa San Bernardo, an annex to a nun’s convent located in Ceprano, ca. 100 km south of Rome, which we’ve previously used for Music in Silence II and the Circulation Project.

The time frame for the project is March 16-22, with the 16th being the arrival day and the 22nd departure day, giving us us 5 full days of work.

The necessary contribution per person is 400 EUR.

In terms of roles, we trust that the right people will show up and take on practical tasks and share their experience as needed. So far we know that Alessandro Bruno and Mikael Weichbrodt are organising the project, and that Chris Doering and Martin Schwutke amongst other experienced crafties will be with us.

If you see yourself as part of this project, please send an application letter to and, answering the following questions:

Who are you?

Why do you wish to participate?

What is your aim?

With our very best wishes,

Al & Mika

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