The Guitar Orchestra of Latin America IV

Date or timeframe: 05-04-2020 / 12-04-2020
City: Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina


21.March.2020 >

Due to the current COVID19 Pandemic this Course is post-poned, new timeframe will be announced a.s.a.p

Debido a la actual Pandemia COVID19 este Curso se pospone, las nuevas fechas serán anunciadas lo antes posible.

Directed by Horacio Pozzo & Hernan Nunez

Local Coordination: Emiliano Franji / Guitar Ensemble Of Argentina

Ignacio Gracian (certified AT Instructor) will present the Alexander Technique.

This Special Project centering on The Guitar Orchestra is available to those who have:

1. attended at least one Guitar Craft and/or Guitar Circle/Ensemble Course.
2. worked with and applied the principles presented.
3. their application letter accepted.

The Guitar Orchestra of Latin America (GOLA) will hold three public Performances in Buenos Aires.

We will prepare and rehearse in Colegiales, Buenos Aires, local participants (BA Team) can attend the meetings during the day (non-residential context), the Team joining us from abroad will be together in a house close to the rehearsal space, transportation will be organized.
This seven day Project offers dedicated group work for Beginners and for Intermediate levels, Personal Meetings, Alexander Technique (groups and individual),

To apply for this course please send your application letter focusing on the following questions:

Who are you? (list Courses you have attended, please)
Why do you wish to attend?
What is your Aim?

If accepted to attend, you’ll receive detailed info about exact location, transportation, what you need to bring, and other practicalities.

Inquiries, further info and Application Letters:

Argentina / Chile contact: Emiliano Franji <>
Other countries contact: Hernán Nuñez <>


Domingo 5 a Domingo 12 de Abril, 2020 · Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Dirigido por Horacio Pozzo y Hernán Nuñez

Coordinación local: Emiliano Franji / Guitar Ensemble Of Argentina

Ignacio Gracián (AT Instructor certificado) presentará la Técnica Alexander.

Requisitos para participar:

1. Haber participado en al menos un Curso Guitar Craft y/o Guitar Circle/Ensemble
2. Haber trabajado y aplicado los Principios presentados
3. Carta de Aplicación aceptada

The Guitar Orchestra of Latin America (GOLA) dara tres Perfomances públicas en Buenos Aires.

La Preparación y los ensayos serán en Colegiales, Buenos Aires, los participantes locales (BA Team) podrán asistir a los meetings durante el dia (contexto no-residencial), el Team de afuera estará en una casa cercana a la sala de ensayo, el transporte será organizado.

Este Proyecto de siete días ofrece trabajo dedicado grupal e individual para niveles Beginners e Intermediate, Meetings Personales, Técnica Alexander (grupal e individual).

Para inscribirse en este Curso es necesario enviar Carta de Aplicación, respondiendo a las siguientes preguntas:

¿Quién eres? (indicar Cursos en los que se ha participado)
¿Por qué deseas participar?
¿Cuál es tu objetivo?

Consultas, mayor información y Cartas de Aplicación:

En Argentina / Chile contactar: Emiliano Franji <>
Otros paises contactar: Hernán Nuñez <>


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