Seattle Guitar Work Weekend: Bass Camp II

Date or timeframe: 07-06-2019 / 09-06-2019
Venue: Art Cougar House, Madison Park
City: Seattle
Country: United States


Seattle Guitar Work Weekend: Bass Camp II June 7-9 2019

A Weekend Workshop for Bass Players, Low End Inhabitors and Modern Collaborating Musicians. Featuring masterful Bass, Guitar, Clarinet and Music Instructors from Italy, Philadelphia, Germany and Seattle including: Julie Slick, Marco Machera, Alessandro Inolti and Steve Ball.

Also featuring Special Guest presenters: Beth Fleenor, Trey Gunn, Markus Reuter.

There will also be a number of other surprise guests (ex.Tony Levin on Zoom video saying hello from Europe, Anthony Garone (Make Weird Music founder) and Leonardo Pavkovic (founder MoonJune records) in person.

This year, the event includes integration into the SeaProg festival where TROOT, Trey Gunn & Markus Reuter, and EchoTest are each playing Friday, Saturday and Sunday night (respectively). The workshop includes SeaProg show attendance as part of the workshop.

NOTE: given the presence of some rather accomplished guitarists and a rather talented drummer, please note that this event would also be suitable for guitarists, rhythm enthusiasts and ALL other instrumentalists as well.

Q: Is this course for you?

1. This is a residential retreat: all food / lodging is included.

2. It is open to anyone with aspiration to learn, commitment and growth mindset.

3. The aim of the retreat is to share and invent collaborative practices — focused on the Low End: bass playing, looping, writing, integration, innovation and motivation.

4. The musical aspect of this retreat will focus on intensive personal and group work with instruments and voices, and attention to rhythm and the low end of the sonic spectrum.

5. Additional session(s) may include: personal and group practices, tonal innovation, new group improvisation techniques, ear training, performance and presence – depending on interest.

6. Teams/groups are encouraged to attend together.

7. Electric basses and/or acoustic basses / acoustic guitars are recommended in the tuning of your choice, and ALL other instruments, including voices, are also welcome.

Private and personal coaching will also be available on a range of relevant topics including, above and beyond Music.

Applications are being accepted for Bassists / Guitarists / Musicians as well as a small Kitchen / House / Logistics team.

Space is limited.

A draft daily schedule will be published at the beginning of June so those in Seattle who wish to participate a la carte will also have an opportunity to plug in and contribute to specific events.

Tuition: $750 includes instruction, food and lodging.

A la carte pricing TBD.

To apply, email:

Scholarships and discounts may be available for those in need.

Sponsored by Tiny Orchestral Moments and Seattle Circle.

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