Tiny Orchestral Moments IV: 2019

Date or timeframe: 21-08-2019 / 01-09-2019
Venue: TBD
Address: TBD
City: Seattle
Country: United States

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Building on three years of Tiny Orchestral Moments workshops, we are announcing TOM IV to be held in the Seattle area from Tuesday August 21st 2019 – Saturday September 1st 2019.

This year, our 2019 annual event will incorporate a workshop of preparation designed for beginners and anyone new to the TOM team and practices followed by the traditional week of TOM practices:

  1. initiation: introductions, orientation
  2. collaboration: group work, guided instruction
  3. improvisation: principles and practices
  4. writing: preparation for performance
  5. performance: presentation of our work
  6. recording: performance with the ‘red light’ on
  7. reflection: learning and recapitulation
  8. productization: translation of this work into products
  9. application: completion to enable continuation + expansion

Like previous years, events will include focus on Continuous Improvisation applied to our interactions collaborations, writing, performing, recording, productization and monitization of our work together.

Tiny Orchestral Moments workshops are inclusive open to anyone, on any instrument, of any level.

Applications are being accepted for apprentices, organizers, supporters, patrons and performers.

Please contact Steve Ball for details.

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