The Orchestra Of Crafty Guitarists · Special Performance Project I

Date or timeframe: 15-08-2015 / 23-08-2015
City: Los Angeles
Country: United States
Category(-ies): /

Directed by Curt Golden & Hernán Nuñez.
Assisted by Horacio Pozzo & Mikael Weichbrodt.

Project Management: Dev Ray & Hernán Nuñez.
Tour Management: Dev Ray.
Local Logistics: GCNA Team.

Arrivals: Saturday 15th
Departures: Sunday 23rd

This Special Performance Project centering on The Orchestra Of Crafty Guitarists is a response to a professional invitation.

The OCG for this project will be represented by experienced GCNA, GCM, GCE and GCLA performers, directly invited for this event.

The OCG Special Performance I Team will hold a public performance on Saturday, August 22nd at 19:00, at ‘Full Circle’ in Venice, L.A. Doors open at 18:30.

Inquiries & further info:

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