Berlin Guitar Ensemble and a-un · Writing & Recording Project

Date or timeframe: 18/05/2018 / 21/05/2018
Venue: BGEHQ
City: Pankow, Berlin
Country: Germany


Directed by Hernán Nuñez, assisted by Marian Hafenstein

Alexander Technique: George Porter

Local Coordination: Friederike Beins & George Porter

a-un: Sr.Munro (electronic devices and treatments – basic tracks) & Kiyoshi (percussion)

Arrivals: Friday 18th
Departures: Tuesday 22nd

We’ll work on writing and arranging new material towards developing BGE & a-un Repertoire for possible upcoming EP and Live events.

BGE work in the mornings: Warm Up and Guided Practice with Marian Hafenstein. Overview of arrangements for the a-un materials.

a-un rehearsals and recording sessions: afternoons and evenings.

The project is non-residential, meals (at BGEHQ) and accommodation (Hostel nearby) will be provided.

Inquiries, further info and Application Letters:

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