Introduction to Practice

Date or timeframe: 05-01-2018 / 13-01-2018
Venue: Casa Sexto Sol
City: Cuernavaca, Morelos
Country: Mexico


This course is open to anyone who wishes to participate, even those without any prior experience on the guitar. For experienced players, it is a good opportunity to renew the connection with the guitar and establish a refreshing new beginning.

This course will present an introduction to the New Standard Tuning, the work in the circle, callisthenic primaries for acquiring and developing an efficient technique, and a number of fundamental guitar and musical practices.

All participants will take part of work in the Kitchen and House as well as work with The Practice of Silence.

Erin Victoria Wigger, certified AT teacher, will present the Alexander Technique.

Ana Romero will present Body in Motion:
“This work focuses on the use of breath, awareness of posture, and sensing the body in space; while exploring different qualities of movement and tools for the body to move in different ways.”

Chris Doering: Chris Doering.

The minimum age to apply is eighteen.

Capacity is limited to 30, if you wish to participate apply soon.

Please submit your application letter, including full name and age, to the course’s registrar at Focus on the following questions:

  1. Who are you?
  2. Why do you wish to attend?
  3. What is your Aim?

If accepted to attend, you’ll receive detailed information about exact location, transportation, what you need to bring, form of payment, and other practicalities.

Fee: $700.00 (USD) – Accomodation and all meals included.

For further information please contact the course’s registrar at

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