Seven Week Summer Project – When People Get Together, Something Happens

Date or timeframe: 24-06-2018 / 11-08-2018
Venue: St. Mary’s Retreat House
Address: 775 West Drahner Rd.
City: Oxford, MI
Country: United States


Facilitated by Ray of Light.

Directed by Dev Ray and Mikael Weichbrodt.
Assisted by experienced members of the GC Community as detailed below.

Arrivals: Sunday afternoon, June 24
Departures: by noon on Sunday, August 12

During this seven week project we will explore various areas of our work as outlined in the attached schedule, ranging from a review of basic principles to exploring new fields together.

While the titles used in the schedule indicate the primary focus for each period of work, the details of each week will be left open to the needs of the moment so that we may allow the project to present itself.

Projects such as this are rare and attending for the full seven weeks is a special opportunity, however, one can attend for any duration from a week to the entire project.  For those who wish to begin again, the first week is particularly recommended.

An At-A-Distance component will be offered in tandem with the project so that those able to be in the house in Oxford for only part of the time can still participate actively in the project as a Whole. Participation solely AAD is also possible.

Housework and Kitchen Work will be an integral part of the project.

Various staff will be leading different periods of work as outlined in the attached schedule: Jaxie Binder, Alessandro Bruno, Andres Ceccarelli, Chris Doering, Tony Geballe, Chris Gibson, Curt Golden, Fernando Kabusacki, Luciano Pietrafesa, Dev Ray, Tom Redmond, Mariana Scaravilli, Martin Schwutke, Frank Sheldon, Mikael Weichbrodt, and Erin Wigger.

Martin Schwutke will present yoga during the first two weeks.

Erin Wigger will present the Alexander Technique during the second two weeks.

Luciano Pietrafesa will present Tai Chi Chuan during the last two weeks.

Frank Sheldon will support the course AAD with Keynotes and Mariana Scaravilli will also support the course AAD with Listening To Beings.

Requirements for attendance:

– Established Morning Sitting.

– Having attended at least one Guitar Craft/Circle Project, or a recommendation.

To apply for this project please email your application letter focusing on the following questions:

1. Who are you?

2. Why do you wish to attend?

3. What is your Aim?

If accepted to attend, you’ll receive detailed information about location, transportation, what you need to bring, form of payment and other practicalities.

Fee: $2,750 (USD) – full seven weeks

$1,500 (USD) – two weeks

$1,000 (USD) – one week

$250 (USD) – At-A-Distance

Fee includes accommodation & meals. Please ask for discounts and payment terms if necessary.

Discount for intercontinental travelers: 25%.

To apply to the project and/or for further information please email the Registrar at

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