We Only Have What We Give Away. The Art Of Circulating.

Date or timeframe: 10-10-2017 / 16-10-2017
City: Ceprano
Country: Italy


Special Study Group Project.
October 10th  to 16th, 2018.
Ceprano, Italy.

A team of eleven players (originally twelve) retreats together to work intensively on Circulations.

The project’s main aim is to document the GC circulations forms and new forms that might present themselves, for the ongoing Guitar Craft History Project.

Sent October 9th, 2017:
Dear Team,

The Circulation Project is about to begin so I’m going to give you a brief update.

Please, feel free to share this with the rest of the family as appropriate.

The team is confirmed:
1 – Alessandro Bruno
2 – Michele Agazzi
3 – Adriano Clera
4 – Riccardo Cirani
5 – Giorgia Casmirro
6 – Mikael Weichbrodt
7 – Martin Schwutke
8 – Mariana Scaravilli
9 – Udo Dzierzanowski
10 – Alain Pinero
11 – Candelaria Varela

Then we’ll have Massimo D’Avanzo and Alessandro Papa as audio & video producers.

Luisa will also be there as a guest and observer.

The house is, as usual, a religious premises (nuns), about one and a half hours south of Rome.

 A preparation work AAD is still underway.

The aim is to get more information about the world of Circulations by experimenting some of the possible forms in a systematic way, then to produce videos to represent the whole process.

We’ll all be in the house by tomorrow (Tuesday October the 10th, 2017) evening; the plan is to have our inaugural meeting after dinner, and complete on Sunday evening.

Although this is not specifically a MiS project, it share with it many aspects (the core team of this project is part of MiS core team), one of which is that have no idea of what will actually happen.

We intend to keep you informed as we go along, providing the access to the net, through some of the available media.

We definitely need your support.

Very best


The invitation sent by Alessandro Bruno:

Dear Team,

Each of you have been selected as a potential contributor to a very specific project I’m just going to present:

As you probably know, there’s a SSG called “Primaries and Secondaries” which is currently operating within the “History Project” to produce videos of competent hands delivering those exercises (mainly Andres Ceccarelli and Martin Schwutke, assisted by Mariana Scaravilli).

While participating to some of the meetings of that SSG I’ve been asking myself how I could possibly contribute to such a project and eventually came out with the idea of producing videos showing a team performing all kinds of different Circulations.

I shared this idea with both the Italian team and the Music in Silence Core Team; in the end we decided to take the initiative and begun to set it up.

The basic idea:

A group of selected players (ideally 12) gets together to work on all the different aspects of Circulating and all the related implications, while keeping the focus on the mechanics of it, using Robert’s document (attached) as a reference, possibly developing some new ways as well, and eventually to produce professional videos (with professional support/gear) showing how a dedicated team can use such a sophisticated and fine tool.

So, in order to deliver all that, we’ll need a proper and prepared team, the members of which might not be specialists in calisthenics (still an element of that is utterly necessary) but maybe capable of bringing in some different qualities like Presence, enhanced attention span, capacity to hold a fairly complex pattern in the mind’s eye, a certain knowledge of the fretboard, and a certain degree of experience with circulations, of course; I can see for instance that probably only few members of the former Boot’s Districts Union would qualify for it. Again something closer to a Special Study Group rather  than a course-like-event.

I just copied & pasted the following extract of Robert’s diary taken from the “Special Circulations Project in Sant Cugat in July 2007; please read it carefully as it’s my main source of inspiration:

“…At 10.00, the Inaugural Meeting for this Special Project addressing Circulations. We introduced ourselves saying who we are, where we come from, what brought us here & our aim for the course. My own aim for the course is to develop Circulations…

…Various forms of circulating were addressed, with a 10-minute break at 11.35.

There seemed little inherent difficulty, grasping the forms while playing any note of our choice; but hesitation entering when sequentially ascending notes in C major were introduced. The difficulties to my eyes: insufficient fingerboard knowledge; dis-connection to the instrument; carrying baggage – nervousness, tension, personal concerns, all evidenced in the tight pursing of lips – this distancing us from our place in the circle…

…The forms of circulation were enumerated as:

basic form;

variegated form;

free form (a distant pre-echo of which we approached 17 years ago in Grossderschau).

Perhaps in 21 one years’ time we will go into a Circle & call out: Variegated Form 8b! but at the moment we don’t know what variegated form 8b is: we are writing the book as we go…”

Beside this, just because we all have some sort of experience of it, we all know how tricky could be to respond to those patterns, only apparently simple, and make of it a collective act of Grace…

My concern now is to see if there is enough people resonating with the idea, to form a team in Europe and begin working, maybe in parallel with other team(s), like the one in Mendoza which looks like having better conditions (it’s an establish team made of people living in the same town, well trained and committed), or Cuernavaca or Seattle, just to mention few, aiming to establish a body of skills and techniques related to Circulations, based on the just mentioned document, but using it just as a beginning point, willing to keep exploring and going further, still with a systematic approach, into such a virgin territory.

I could facilitate the process and, together with some of my Italian pals, host the activities which presumably, will take the form of one week-five days residential project.

The proposal:

–          Arriving in Rome by the evening of Tuesday October the 10th

–          Working from Thursday the 11th to Sunday the 15th

–          Departing on Monday the 16th in the morning

Expenses for the whole thing will sum to approximately 250 Euros per person.

The house is 90 minutes driving south of Rome. Alessandro Papa and Massimo D’Avanzo will be involved in the project; they are Crafties who work professionally with video and audio production.

Please, let me know if it resonates with you and if you see yourself as part of such an initiative. Deadline is July the 15th; feel free to contact me for further information.

All the very best


Circulations (pdf)

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