Seattle Guitar Work Weekend: Orchestral Management

Date or timeframe: 22-09-2017 / 25-09-2017
Venue: Madison Park Mansion
Address: 609 34th Ave East, Seattle WA
City: Seattle
Country: United States


Seattle Guitar Work Weekend: Orchestral Management
Workshop for Actualizing Artists, Instructors, Circle Leaders, and Initiators 

Sept 22 -24, 2017 in a Madison Park Mansion in Seattle, WA

Come spend an intense weekend working closely and expanding the Craft of Leadership with masterful Artists, Circle Leaders, Event Coordinators, Project Planners, and Music business experts from Italy, Los Angeles, New Jersey, and Seattle. Also featuring Special Guest presenters and a surprise guest. Or two.

Confirmed presenters: 

In Person 
1. Frank Sheldon – “Frankertronix” Frank unlocks musicians from habits – there is no formula for this, and no one understands how Frank does this. But he does.

2. Christian Doering – “Understanding Why: Better ‘hows’ are great. I am interested “why.” Not about defining a common aim, but about maintaining a connection with it. Bicycle wheel -> to hula hoop transition is one part of that. Also covering 3 enneagrams of a manifestation / performance event.” 

3. Nora Germain – Nora is a master musician and master of raising cash for project(s) via PledgeMusic, and she will present a discussion on “Crowd Funding, Common Habits of Artists Who Have Broken Through, Principles for a Satisfying Creative Existence, & Personal Organization”

4. Leilani Lewis – Artist Coach, University of Washington and Artist Trust educator, Leilani hosts an extended course for artists designed to “create a 10-year vision for your artistic practice, set short- and long-term goals, and practice the professional skills you’ll need to turn your plans into action. By the end of her (six week) class, you’ll know what it takes to make it as an artist and sustain their work over the course of a career.” 

5. Amy Denio – “Gig Life: juggling the day to day, week to week life of the professional musician, including bands, gigs, grants, interns and working w arts organizations” or a topic of her choice. 

6. Ingrid Pape-Sheldon: photographs of participants for future products. 

7. Paul Richards, guitarist of the California Guitar Trio; discussing life logistics of the working indie band. 

Via Zoom Video

8. Tom Redmond – “Goal Diffusion: too many competing priorities, conflicting goals or even contradictory goals. Goal Diffusion is a career threatening condition that literally drives us away from our highest payoff activities and robs us of motivation and energy. Other than that, everything is fine! The session will offer examples of Goal Diffusion for individuals and on a team level plus deliver practical solutions that can be applied immediately.”

9. Patricia Fripp – Exec coach and internationally acclaimed Public Speaking expert. Patricia will cover “Stand Up, Speak Out and Connect OR The Overlooked Element in Performance OR All Speaking is Public Speaking.” Patricia is dear sister of Robert Fripp, and she shares a certain aspect of his genius: she works to transform the potential, skills and abilities of execs while Robert works to transform the potential skills and abilities of musicians. Both are hilarious and masterful storytellers. 

10. Brian Lucey – “Mastering and Mastery”, or a refined topic of his choice. 


Q: Is this course for you?

1. This is a residential retreat (all food / lodging is included).
2. It is open to anyone with previous Guitar Craft or Guitar Circle experience.
3. The retreat will focus on intensive personal and group work focused on building skills in effective instruction, group leadership, sustainable project management, best practices, and shared learning about organizing and executing successful music and education projects and products.
4. Presentation(s) may include: “the Musician’s Business”, new group organizational practices, tools for planning, Circle leadership, and/or sustainable event and career management. 
5. Instructors, teachers, project organizers are encouraged to attend together.
6. Acoustic guitars are also welcome in the tuning of your choice, and other instruments are also welcome as we will practice leading Circles and performances.  
7. Private and personal coaching will also be available.

Applications are being accepted for participants / instructors / guitarists / musicians as well as a small kitchen / house / logistics team members.

A draft daily schedule will be published before the course so those in Seattle who wish to participate a la carte will also have an opportunity to plug in and contribute to specific events. We will also make AAD participation possible via Zoom video for a small AAD participation fee. 

Tuition: $750 includes instruction, food and lodging. Discounts and scholarships may be available for traveling long distances and/or those who have need to attend.

* * *

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