Tiny Orchestral Moments II

Date or timeframe: 13-08-2017 / 20-08-2017
Venue: Woodway House
City: Seattle
Country: United States


Tiny Orchestral Moments II

Tiny Orchestral Moments is an international troupe of musicians who meet yearly to write, record, perform, improvise to bring new Music into the world by collaborating across genres. The ensemble includes a gender-balanced core team of invited-celebrity musicians who are already established in their work as internationally-recognized performing musicians. The core team is complemented by contributions from a full range of students, apprentices, organizers, instructors and experienced collaborators from in and outside the worldwide GC community. 

The performers present collaborative repertoire for layered guitars, voices, violins, strings, wind, and percussion — presenting structured improvisation that sounds composed, and composed collaboration that sounds improvised. TOM shows unfold for the audience in 360-degrees as musicians move in and around the audience. The surround sound is complemented by three walls of ambient video, and supported by an orchestra of guitarists from the extended Seattle Guitar Circle.

In addition to hosting multiple public performances during each project, the full team also spends part of the week working in a world class studio (ex. TOM v1. recorded for three days at London Bridge studio) with a revolving-door of invited guest producers and musicians from the Seattle music community.  

About Tiny Orchestral Moments

TOM began as a twelve-week series of performances by the Seattle Guitar Circle that ran weekly from January 7th – March 24th 2016 at the Seattle Creative Arts Center in Ballard. Each week, the ensemble of ~12 Crafty Guitarists presented a dynamic show based upon an intricate and evolving repertoire spanning Bach to Fripp to Ives,… punctuated with pockets of Structured Improvisation with guitarists flowing, moving, Circulating and playing in and around the entire performance space.

This new TOM yearly series expands on the initial Tiny Orchestral Moments format by inviting in world-class players from all over the world to collaborate on an expanding repertoire of Structured Improvisation techniques.  

TOM v1 was in August of 2016 and featured:

In the summer of 2017, in conjunction with the premier of TOM v2, there will be a documentary film and five CD box set released featuring recordings from TOM v1. Each new TOM event will include synchronized product releases from the previous years team.    

Inquiries and application information, please contact Steve Ball.

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