The Berlin Guitar Ensemble IX – Performance & Recording Project

Date or timeframe: 09-08-2017 / 20-08-2017
Venue: eKoM Seminarhaus
City: Großgoltern, Barsinghausen
Country: Germany


Directed by Hernan Nuñez, assisted by Marian Hafenstein & The Berlin Team.

Local Coordinators: Friederike Beins & George Porter.

Alexander Technique: George Porter, assisted by Jacek Kaleta.

This 11 day Performance Project offers an opportunity to rehearse current and new BGE Repertoire from August 9th to 13th, and tour in and around Hannover from Aug 14th to 19th. The Performances will be recorded, and we’ll also have dedicated Recording Sessions.

Monday 14th – Großgoltern · eKom Seminarhaus
Tuesday 15th – Hannover · Kulturpalast
Wednesday 16th – Hohenbostel · St.-Thomas-Kirche
Thursday 17th – Hildesheim · LitteraNova
Friday 18th – Petzen · Hofcafé Peetzen 10
Saturday 19th – Bokeloh · Ev.-luth. Kirche “Zum Heiligen Kreuz”

This Project is available to those who have:

1. attended at least one GC, GEE and/or GCE – BGE Course-Project
2. worked with and applied the principles presented.
3. their application letter accepted.

Participants will have access to a BGE IX Prep Page online, where the current and new Repertoire will be posted, and new pieces can be presented.

Barsinghausen is a small town ca. 30 km from Hannover and its airport. Space at the eKoM Seminarhaus is limited, if you wish to attend please confirm asap in order to reserve your place.

To apply for this Project please email your application letter focusing on the following questions:

1 – Who are you?
2 – Why do you wish to attend?
3 – What is your Aim?

If accepted to attend you’ll receive detailed info about exact location, transportation, what you need to bring, and other practicalities.

Participants need to bring an acoustic-electric guitar (Ovation or GCPRO), also: guitar cable, XLR cable, DI box and a GC cushion, please.

The project is residential, accommodation and meals will be provided.

For inquiries, further info and Application Letters, please contact

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