Music in Silence I · Practice Retreat & The Orchestra Of Silence

Date or timeframe: 22-03-2017 / 25-03-2017
Venue: Ca L'Om
City: Borgonyà
Country: Spain



Practice is a process of uniting the world of qualities and the world of existences, of blending the world of Silence and the world of sound. In this sense, practice is a way of transformation.” Art Of Craft – Robert Fripp

This MiS project is an invitation to: practice, explore music from Silence, allow new forms to present themselves and be discovered, explore how to work with others through The Orchestra Of Silence.

Our common aim is to invite Music in Silence.
Music emerges in, through and from Silence.
We invite Silence by working in quiet for the duration of the project.
Quiet is an absence. Within this particular project, the absence of spoken words.
Silence is a Presence.

The two voices that will be heard:
Sandra Bain Cushman will present “Life In The Body: The Five Relations”.
Alessandro Bruno will present “Meditation On Silence”.

The focus of the project will be on intensive practice and play together.
We’ll also work in the house and the kitchen.

Jacqueline Binder, Alessandro Bruno, Andrés Ceccarelli, John Hicks, Dev Ray, Mariana Scaravilli and Martin Schwutke, members of the MiS Founders Core Team, will direct the project.
You’re invited to explore the ‘people‘ page and learn about them.

They’ll provide a frame of work by running the daily schedule and guiding the practices to be undertaken, while affirming that the right thing does itself!.

This first project is open to anyone who wishes to participate and has a background in Guitar Craft, Guitar Circle, Orchestral Maneuvers or is recommended by the staff.

If you wish to participate, please send an application email, responding to the following questions: Who are you?, Why do you wish to participate?, What is your aim?.

The Orchestral Maneuvers project is recommended to anyone who wishes to participate, it offers a fine preparation for Music In Silence and will be held at the same venue on the previous days.

The necessary contribution to be made by each participant is €200.
This amount pays the basic expenses such as accommodations and all meals for the duration of the project.
Further contributions are most welcome and will be used to pay the staff’s transportation.
If that amount is reached anything left will be saved to support the first The Orchestra Of Silence performance project.

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