Photos: Summer Perfomance Project in Alfeld, 2000

Date or timeframe: 11-08-2000 / 08-09-2000
Venue: Jugendgästehaus Villa Ruhe
Address: Kalandstraße 8
City: Alfeld Am Leine
Country: Germany
Category(-ies): /

Some of the participants caught in a outdoor group. Photo by Michael Schille-Schumacher. Left to right: Enrico Berto, Juan Josè Piola, Mariana Scaravilli, Andre Wirtz, Guillermo Oliveira, Martin Schwutke, Chris Puglisi, Dr. Mike Grenfell, Stephen Golovnin, Fabio Palmieri, Björn Gross, Luciano Pietrafesa, Christian Fritz, Fumihito Hatano, Hernan Nuñez, Gabriel Nogueira.


Martin Schwutke (left) and Hernan Nuñez (right) on the balcony of Villa Ruhe, short before the group left for a performance at Parkresidentz in Alfeld, scheduled for 3:30 PM. 04-09-2000


The group encircles before a five-minute walk to Parkresidentz, where a performance is scheduled for 3.30 PM Clockwise from the guitar case: Dr. Mike Grenfell, Fumihito Hatano, Juan Josè Piola, Martin Schwutke, Chris Puglisi, Guillermo Oliveira, Stephen Golovnin, Daniel Luque, Gabriel Nogueira, Mariana Scaravilli, Björn Gross, Enrico Berto, Fabio Palmieri, Andre Wirts, Christian Fritz, Hernan Nuñez. 04-09-2000


Part of the team as of the first half of the project, posing outdoors at Villa Ruhe. Rear – standing, left to right: Andre Wirts, Dr. Mike Grenfell, Martin Schwutke, Fabio Palmieri, Fumihito Hatano, Christian Fritz, Enrico Berto, Paolo ‘Mr Baldy’ Marcon, Juan José Piola, Hernan Nuñez, Mariana Scaravilli, Chris Puglisi, Frieder Zimmermann, Gabriel Nogueira, Luciano Petrafesa, Guillermo Oliveira. Front – sitting, left to right: Pia Honold Quaet-Faslem, Björn Gross, Fernando Milano, Stephen Golovnin, Daniel Luque.




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