My Introduction to Guitar Craft by Rick Mascarini

Date or timeframe: 25-03-1990
Country: United States
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Before I attended an Introduction weekend to New Standard Tuning, hosted by members of the NYGC in 1996, or before I started working w/ the NJGC in 1999, or attending a Level I in 2000, I read a series called ‘The Act of Music’ (Parts I, II, and III). These were published by Guitar Craft Services in 1988. I recall reading these in 1990. I had heard about the NST tuning and attempted to try it out, although at the time, it wasn’t sustained.

But, more important was the Guitar Craft Monographs and what I felt after reading them. There was a certain logic to the information described within. Yet, it was foreign to me at the same time (in that period, at least). But, it was telling me to explore this more, dig a little deeper.

When I did start a daily practice, elements conveyed in the Monographs came into focus. And once I was started in on the work, started a daily practice beyond playing the guitar, it became clearer yet still.

I note something that I jotted down in my handwritten notes on June 16th 1996, at the end of the Intro Weekend to New Standard Tuning: “There’s more information presented here in 2 days than I can process in 20 years.” The Primaries alone for guitar mechanics are (still) to this day, foundational. The ability to cultivate relaxation and nurture that feeling is valuable and special. 21 years later, the process continues.

Rick Mascarini



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