Rio Guitar Ensemble is born. And so Guitar Ensemble activities in Brazil.

Date or timeframe: 13-08-2010
Venue: Ermida Nossa Senhora da Santíssima Trindade
Address: Rua Roger C. H. Hutsmacher, 826
City: Miguel Pereira
Country: Brazil
Category(-ies): /

After the good current that came to Porto Alegre and Rio de Janeiro in 2006, marked wtih the completion at the end of the year with an AAD activity involving the Porto Alegre Circle, with Silvio Pereira from Rio joining the circle for a performance.

However, after a short time, Guitar Craft activities began to wane and all circles in Brazil ceased their activities.

Spending some time practising on my own, I was able to keep in contact with the Guitar Craft Community through AAD Courses and residential, in San Cugat (Spain), Rosario (Argentina) and Sassoferrato (Italy).

In 2010, with the completion of Guitar Craft activities and the Guitar Circles following up, I decided to organize an Intro to Guitar Ensemble with the support of the Guitar Circle of Latin America (Hernán Nuñez and Horacio Pozzo, with Ignacio Gracian as instructor).

The obstacles were many, specially because of the lack of activities related to Guitar Ensembles, but it was very important to set up a division point. Some crafties from the first Guitar Craft course in Brazil came back, Carlo and Alex, with Carlo bringing his daughter. As of myself, I could bring a new participant, a classic nylon guitar player from São Paulo, Gilson. And someone who came because of the post in the Guitar Circle website, Victor from Rio de Janeiro.

The course was a great experience, and I felt very grateful that the choosen house could work great for our needs. And, another great thing, the Guitar Ensemble of Rio was born from that day on, with me, Victor and Alex, who finally became a participant in circle activities.

Gabriel Alvarez Vidal



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