The Primaries and Eye of the Needle

Date or timeframe: 01-04-1999
City: Pottersville, NJ
Country: United States
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In early 1999, upon joining the NJCG, during one of the first meetings, someone handled out the Primaries to the guitarist in attendance (see attached). And as we developed and started to work together, during a later meeting, Eye of the Needle was introduced to the group so we could apply many of the principles we were learning during those early meetings. Attached also are notes for the Melody for Eye of the Needle. I know there is a more definitive score available (both in tab and notation form), but as I rummaged through my NJGC folders, I came upon these two artifacts.

The Primaries, for me, were (are) some of the most valuable exercises for guitar I have ever seem. I wrote in my journal around the time the primaries were given to us (me), that “in 1 piece of paper, there’s a lifetime’s worth of work”.

I sill use these as warm-up / prep exercises for my guitar work.

Rick Mascarini




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