A Report: The Berlin Guitar Ensemble I – Performance Project & Guitar Circle Day

Date or timeframe: 21-05-2013 / 27-05-2013
City: Sóller, Mallorca
Country: Spain
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The Berlin Guitar Ensemble I – Performance Project & Guitar Circle Day

Tuesday 21st to Monday 27th, May 2013 

Sóller, Mallorca, Spain Report 

George Porter
9th June 2013 

We got up to speed as a Team quite quickly in terms of settling into the House and finding our places in the Circle. 

Although, space seemed to be a challenge within the House, especially the rehearsal space, it was a surprise to find out what was indeed possible. This inspires me to consider possibilities more carefully and to not be too quick to dismiss options. 

During the rehearsals, the demands of the pieces (both existing and new repertoire) became more apparent and the bar was raised in terms of the overall standard of playing required of us. This presented a good challenge to the Team and the attention to detail showed what was and was not possible for many of us. 

There was good support on hand from Mika & Romain in the fine-tuning of many of the pieces in the small group meetings. Some new insights into what it means to be in time, in tune and in tone arose. 

Preparing and controlling the sound for the Dress Rehearsal and Performance was a challenge. 

The Performance, although plagued by terrifying bummers and the disintegration of some pieces, somehow worked. There was Support on hand which enabled the BGE to recover and some very good musical moments also appeared. 

Personally, I again felt a deep gratitude of what it means to connect with others within the Team and to the Audience. 

The NST Day was for many of us an experiencing of innocence again – a recognition of what it is like being in a Guitar Circle for the first time, if one can put it like that – familiar yet unfamiliar. There was also a re-acknowledgement of the power of the teaching within the exercises presented. 

Barbara conceived of some excellent meals and did a superb job as Kitchen Coordinator. 

Sr. Kuri did an excellent job in terms of the house preparation, local coordination and support for the Performance. Also the valuable assistance from Lara and Frederike helped the Team and the Performance. 

[Download original pdf: BGE I Mallorca Report GPo.pdf]

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