Birth of Rio Guitar Circle

Date or timeframe: 01-04-2006 / 31-12-2006
City: Rio de Janeiro
Country: Brazil
Category(-ies): /

My crafty buddy in Rio had always been Alex Frias from 2004 to 2005. In the second GC Course in Brazil, we had two more “cariocas”, however, they quickly lost the will to keep the GC practice, so, while there were only Alex and me in Rio, the Circle could never come alive, since he told me to wait for more people to join us.

But no one would appear. So my GC personal practices kept at risk.

Until came news about the third GC Course in Brazil, this time, in Porto Alegre, since Carlo mounted a Circle there with many people. That was in Feb 2006, few months before another Lv. 1 course, so some participants of the Porto Alegre Circle could attend (at the time, attending an Intro was pre-requisite for a Lv. 1). So, one thing I could feel happy about: if things were not working in Rio and São Paulo, in Porto Alegre were!

The surprise I got was that my wife, Cris Chagas (my girlfriend at the time) had decided to attend the Intro Course!

That was very likely to happen, but what I could not predict was the fact that she would not feel ready to travel abroad and participate in a Level 1 course, which usually lasted a week. But after her talk to Ignacio, she also decided to go to Mendoza!

So, we went together, Cris and I, to Mendoza and finally, I was in a Level One course. And one more surprise! From Brazil, came some participants from Porto Alegre, as I had expected, but also, one participant in Level Two from Rio de Janeiro!

I wondered if he wished to mantain his practices after the Course in a local Circle, so when I got to talk to him during the course, he first asked to play my Beadoux guitar and fell in love with it. Then, he completelly agreed to join me in a local circle.

So, finally, after two years connected with Guitar Craft, playing by my own, I could play locally in a circle.

And that was the birth of Rio Guitar Circle, in 2006, with Cris Chagas, Silvio Pereira and Gabriel Alvarez.

Gabriel Vidal

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