NJGC & NYGC Meeting, 2002 – Rick Mascarini notes

Date or timeframe: 19-10-2002
Venue: Pottersville Community Hall
City: Pottersville, NJ
Country: United States
Category(-ies): / / /

Since we were geographically close and even shared some members from time to time, The NJGC and NYGC decided to spend a day working together. The aim of the workshop was to 1) get to know each circle’s member, 2) better understand what each team was working on and 3) learn a piece of repertoire from the other circle. We decided to meet at the NJGC’s regular meeting space in Pottersville NJ on October 19th 2002. Attached are my notes from the workshop including who attended and what work took place. I do not know if any other local circles did a similar workshop, but this day provided keen insight into each of our work supporting Guitar Craft.

Rick Mascarini



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