Cristina’s comics & Alessandro’s notes – Level 3, 1992

Date or timeframe: 27-07-1992 / 12-09-1992
City: Grossderschau
Country: Germany
Category(-ies): / / /

Cristina and I had the privilege of having a room for our own during the whole course; she’s not a guitarist, she’s an artist. For some mysterious reasons at some point characters populating the house begun to appear out of her pencil: I remember her at the desk laughing and drawing. Although she tried to keep it discreet the whole house got to know what was going on pretty soon, and people would keep anxiously knocking at our door just to know if they were going to be featured in the next issue…
The stars are the Italians of course, and the text is in Italian too (I though of translating it but it doesn’t make much of a sense, really), still even if you were not there, you might still recognize some of the characters.
Definitely a creative moment, and, besides the stories and tales which might appear to tell about that almost mythical event, I believe these comics are both informing and a lot of fun.

Alessandro Bruno

Cristina's comics


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