Gabriel Vidal’s note from the third Intro to GC in Brazil, 2006

Date or timeframe: 17-02-2006 / 19-02-2006
City: Porto Alegre
Country: Brazil
Category(-ies): /

This course in Porto Alegre marks the third Intro Course to Guitar Craft in Brazil, also the third organized by Jorge Pereyra.

This time, Ignacio Gracian was the director of the course, (whom later I discovered it was his first time on this role).

At the time, the Guitar Circle of Porto Alegre emerged with lots of active participants, directed by Carlo Pianta, which helped a lot to become this course possible.

Since the big energy wave that came to Brazil after the first Intro Course was dissipating, where the majority of participants came from Rio and Sao Paulo, most of the participants for this third Intro were members of the Guitar Circle of Porto Alegre, and they could work a lot with Ignacio.

All in all, it was a very good course, and very good to know another crafty like Ignacio, since during this time, I hadn’t been to a Level One yet.

Unfortunatelly records for this event may not be as accurate as I would like to be, since at the time, I used a mailbox I don’t use anymore and have no access to it.

Because of this I have no reference to the house that hosted the course.

Gabriel Vidal

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