“My first exposure to Guitar Craft” Rick Mascarini

Date or timeframe: 14-06-1996 / 16-06-1996
City: Ellen New York
Country: United States
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My first exposure to Guitar Craft:

Originally, in 1986, I wrote to Guitar Craft Service in W.VA to attend a course (and that a story for another time). But, in early 1996, the I received the attached document and took the leap to attend a New Standard Tuning Weekend conducted by the NYGC. It was less than 60 miles from our home, I had then a secure job/income, and I was just starting to work w/ the NST. This clearly was a powerful time in my life and plugging into GC was a foundation to many other things. Included are the list of attendees from the NST WE. Some of the participants would return in other engagements in a few years (i.e., the NJGC, etc.), so this was a beginnings of sorts. In fact, looking back at my brief diary notes I wrote the evening I returned home on the 16th of June, it read: ‘Perhaps this is the new start I am looking for’. Well.

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