Flyer first Guitar Craft Intro (Guitar Craft Level Zero) in North America

Date or timeframe: 21-09-2002 / 27-09-2002
Venue: Baptist Camp & Conference Center
Address: 79 Blossom Hill Rd
City: Lebanon, NJ
Country: United States
Category(-ies): / /

This flyer was created to Advertise the first Guitar Craft Intro Course (Guitar Craft Level Zero). This occurred during the middle of Curt Golden’s tour of the North American circles.

The kitchen team worked on C Major diatonic arpeggios throughout the week and served as Tony Geballe’s 8-track recorder while he wrote Where Is The Nurse?. The title was taken from a sign outside the Nurse’s quarters (where Curt, Tony, Frank Sheldon, Fernando Kabusacki, Patrick Smith, and Tom Redmond resided during the week).

I printed/copied 88 of the flyers. They placed walls and message boards in music stores, record stores, and other locations all over Western New York and the Finger Lakes, from Ithaca to Buffalo, Lake Ontario to miscellaneous locales heading towards the southern tier of the state.

Alexander Kelley




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