Gabriel Vidal Journal, Guitar Circle weekend in Mogi Mirim, 2005

Date or timeframe: 20-04-2005 / 22-04-2005
Venue: Centro de Espiritualidade Monte Alverne
Address: Rua Retirada da Laguna, 195 – Caixa Postal, 78
City: Mogi Mirim
Country: Brazil
Category(-ies): /

After the strong impact the first Intro Course had on all participants, some circle activities took place in all major cities where all participants were near, specifically Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre.

We also invited some people close to us that showed some interest to know more about Guitar Craft to take part in a presentation organized by brazilian crafties. That had demonstrated to us to be necessary since few people knew what was Guitar Craft.

Based on some feedbacks, Jorge Pereyra was in contact with Martin Schwutke, who was Representative Argentina at the time, and asked about coming back to direct another Intro Course. Since 6 out of 8 participants from the first Intro went to Mendoza shortly aftwards, these participants also asked to separate into two groups: the Intro course and the Repertoire & Techniques Course, so they could rehearse and be able to present some songs during the Intro Course.

Since one of the ‘fellas that didn’t participate was myself, I was getting ready to take part of the Intro Team again. After all, after droping the GC Tuning and being a little far away from my practices, I felt that I needed to review everything all again.

So, I sent my application letter and made preparations to travel back to Mogi Mirim. Now, feeling that it was easier for me to travel because I was in a new job that allowed more flexibility to be away, I tought my trip would be less rough than the previous one.

But then, Jorge P contacted me and said I should look for Custódio. He was the second guy that didn’t go to Mendoza in 2004. I phoned him and he said he was waiting for his friend to go to his house by car and he would take us all to Mogi Mirim.

I answered: “Of course!”, very relieved I wouldn’t go through all of that like the last time.

When I arrived at his house, he filled me in with his last news, one of them explained why he also didn’t go to Mendoza. Apparently he was closer to be there than me. His friend arrived and we began our trip to Mogi Mirim. It was very good to relax at the back seat of the car and save energy for the course itself!

Gabriel Vidal


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