Flyer + Udo Dzierzanowski’s words: The LCG Live at Palmhaus, Dresden, 2002

Date or timeframe: 31-07-2002
Venue: Palmhaus Pilnitz
Address: Schlosspark Pilnitz
City: Dresden
Country: Germany
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This upload consists of a scan of a small flyer, which down its left-hand side advertises the LCG show at the Palmhaus in Dresden on 31st July 2002.

This show was one of 3 under the direction of Hernan Nuñez and featured a newly reformed LCG following a performance for invited guests during a course in Sassoferrato, Italy a few months before. The other 2 shows took place in the vicinity of Alfeld, Germany, where preparations for the mini-tour took place, one at a car dealership, the other at (as far as I remember) a young adults’ rehabilitation facility.

The Palmhaus is an actual greenhouse, built to facilitate the growing and keeping of palm trees, which was customary in times of former royal occupancy of the castle & grounds. This meant that, on a hot summer’s day (July 31st), after all day sunshine and ca. 30 degrees Celsius outside, the Palmhaus was practically uninhabitable for periods longer than a few minutes. If I remember correctly, the beginning time of the perfomance had to be moved forward to allow for the space to cool down sufficiently below 50 degrees!
The show featured a section in which, during a piece by Astor Piazzola performed by a trio, two of the team would put their instruments down, stand up and dance tango!
It was a hot show!

Udo Dzierzanowski

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