Guitar Circle Meetings in Brazil

Date or timeframe: 01-09-2004 / 31-12-2004
City: Rio de Janeiro
Country: Brazil
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Right after the first Intro Course in Brazil, a great wave of energy ran through the brazilian Guitar Craft community. We were few, but everyone very determined. From seven participants, five went to the Level One in Mendoza a few months later.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of them, so, I will let the task of writing the events of that course to another person!

I had maintained contact with everyone, so, luckily, news about the course had arrived to me. In Rio, we were only two, Alex F and me. And we didn’t set up meetings for the two of us. But Alex was always in Sao Paulo, at least, once a month, so he could keep up circle practice with the fellows from Sao Paulo, who were the majority.

Jorge P set up a open meeting for people interested in December of the same year, 2004, and I was able to attend, so it was an opportunity for me to reconnect, since I wasn’t practicing by my own in the Guitar Craft tunning.

But what was most remarkable that year for me, after the Intro Course, was the phone call I received from Alex that a crafty he knew from the Level One was visiting Rio, so he invited him to come to his house to have a Guitar Circle. Alex asked if I would like to come also.

“Of course”, that was my answer. I came to meet John Hicks for the first time that day. And that was the very first meeting for the Rio Guitar Circle!

The second incarnation for the Rio Guitar Circle came when Carlo Pianta, from Porto Alegre, came to Rio, and that would be the last of Circle Activity in Rio, at least, until my first Level One in 2006.

Gabriel Alvarez

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