NST String Set – 2nd Version

Date or timeframe: 01-01-1999 / 25-03-2017
Country: United States
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Ph & Insert Design: Pablo Mandel / Knotwork Design: Steve Ball
Ph & Insert Design: Pablo Mandel / Knotwork Design: Steve Ball

Este diseño de packaging me fue encomendado por Jonathan Brainin. Mi intención fue hacer algo un diseño con una grilla simple y sólida, donde el knotwork de Steve Ball sea protagonista. La tipografía muy legible, con una pequeña broma tipográfica que casi se percibe de manera subliminal.

This packaging design was entrusted to me by Jonathan Brainin. My intention was to make a design with a simple and solid grid, where the knotwork of Steve Ball was protagonist. The typography very readable, with a small typographical joke that is almost perceived subliminally.

Pablo Mandel

Ph: Rick Mascarini

Here’s the second version of the package cover (front & back) of the NST String sets that were sold on many GC courses and events from 1999 onward. The string sets and packaging was initiated by Jonathan Brainin, one of the founding members of the NJ Guitar Circle (NJGC). The 1st version of this set contained a .058w 6th string (C) instead of the .59w. Also, the 1st version didn’t have the graphic design and info on the back. I remember the sets came w/ two 1st strings (.011) in the package for a period of time due to many first timers snapping the string as they tuned up to G. The design is by Pablo Mandel. Also, during weekly meetings and recitals the NJGC held, you could purchase these afterward in whatever quantity you needed.

Rick Mascarini

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