The Vicious Queens in Lunlunta

Date or timeframe: 16-10-2012 / 24-10-2012
Venue: Lunlunta
City: Mendoza
Country: Argentina
Category(-ies): / / / / /

Esto es algo sobre The Vicious queens, en el curso realizado en 2012 en Lunlunta- Mendoza. Dirigido por Robert Fripp. (fotos)

De alli en más, el trabajo realizado durante el verano del año 2013 y la grabación del resultado final de esa producción.

De este trabajo con guitarras resultó un EP de 4 temas “Daughters of rigor”  (“hijas del Rigor”) en formato de trìo  Vicious Agata, Natalia y Kaya. Que quedó plasmado en una producciòn sonora.

Abajo, nuestro reporte a Robert y su contestación, que es realmente lo que creo más interesante, sus palabras…

“…IMO feminine voices and energy is needed to re-balance the predominantly masculine emphasis, in just about everything.

music is a wonderful place to begin, to harmonise our world!..”  ( Extraído del email)

Sin dejar de mencionar la conexión a distancia con todas las vicious Queens y con Robert con el morning sitting.

“I am you and you are me. We are each other.”

V Ag   tocador-dreswar  Colours     ponele  psyco lover

dear robert,

we hope this finds you well. in truth we have been meaning to write to you for a month, but owing to the complexities of communicating with a group voice and our individual busy schedules it has taken this long to arrive at and translate the word scheme which follows. i have left some of the translation a bit odd-sounding in english in order to preserve the spirit of the original spanish.

this first report was composed by agata:

‘We feel the need to write to tell you of the work which we (Kaya, Natalia and Agata) have accomplished in Buenos Aires. We prepared a performance for the 14th of December and participated in the end of year variety show at the Alexander Technique School. We composed three pieces, each of which arose from a melody or a chord- or arpeggio-progression  which served as a seed, which we then worked on as a group to complete by means of spontaneous improvisation. The creative process was pleasant, fun, very interesting, and very intense – owing to the limited time we had to rehearse together. The performance was also all of these things. Violeta accompanied us with percussion.

Further to this, Marisol visited us and we participated together in the Guitar Circle Weekend workshop at the beginning of December, and we were able to visualise a group aim, which is to make music. More specifically, we set an objective to compose a repertoire of 8 pieces by October 2013. To do this we will continue to work at a distance, recording when necessary to share material via the internet, with the option of meeting up in Chile with Marisol, Andrea and Carola, possibly in April.’

and here is an extract from marisol’s diary:

‘Buenos Aires 01/12/12 – 04/12/12. The energy has been renewed, history has been made: The Vicious Queens Band exists!!!!!!

It raises itself as the affirmative power of feminine musical energy in the world. On the 4th of December between the hours of 12am and 3am they recognised themselves as an entity in the world. The VQs are an identifiable group, open to good musical energy. Nati, Agata, Kaya, Andrea, Carola, Marisol…

Our objective is to be a band with its own repertoire, style and sound. It arises from the guitar teaching of Robert Fripp. We hope he will guide us in the creative process.

We spoke of being united at a distance, to visualise each other. We will strive to communicate well. We will cross the mountains to meet. We will compose 8 pieces by October which we will present on a course with Robert.’

this last, because there is a rumour you will come back to mendoza later this year… (?)

anyhow, there you have it. i will also add our thanks for the material you shared by dropbox. as we all have copies now you can delete it from your folder when you wish. and also, while we have not met in person with andrea and carola since the course, their support has been palpable from afar, and we have exchanged a few mails, and many waves, with sandra and jaxie, who told us some useful things.

with best wishes for the new year and waves from all of us,

kaya pp. the vicious queens

dear kaya and vicious queens,

wonderful! thank you for this report.

IMO feminine voices and energy is needed to re-balance the predominantly masculine emphasis, in just about everything.

music is a wonderful place to begin, to harmonise our world!

i am here to support your viciousness, wherever possible.

october 2013: hernan has suggested that i might be needed in argentina later this you.

if i’m needed, i’ll be there.

a wave from middle england…

vb, r.

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