A personal story about the arrival to my first GC-related course, by Dev Ray

Date or timeframe: 05-03-1999 / 07-03-1999
City: Seabeck, WA
Country: United States
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My Chance To Escape GC – 1999

My first experience with Guitar Craft was a “Beginner’s Circle” weekend, led by Curt Golden in Seabeck, WA, during the weekend of March 5-7, 1999.  There was also an “Introduction to Tapping” course being led by Trey Gunn, and a Seattle Circle retreat focusing on repertoire, though I have no recollection of the the repertoire work.

I was in college at the time, in Rochester, NY, and the course conveniently took place during my Spring break.  Spring in Rochester did not mean it was warm, however, and there was a bit of a blizzard.  My flight was delayed and I missed my connection in Chicago.  I finally arrived at SeaTac about 5 hours late, (it could have been much worse), made my way to a bus and took it downtown.  I wasn’t quite clear on where I should disembark and so I remember standing near the front of the bus for the whole ride, nervous.

Finally I arrived at the proper location and walked a few blocks to the docks.  I had packed a little heavier than necessary and I remember being uncomfortable.  I found the right dock and boat that would take me across the sound to Seabeck.  I think the ride was about 45 minutes and it was peaceful.  I had been rushing since landing since I was so far behind schedule, but here, on the water, there was nothing to do but wait.  It was a beautiful ride.

Upon arriving, I wasn’t sure what would happen.  This was before I had a cell phone and though I had tried to call whoever was the contact person for the course when my flight was delayed, I had never reached them.  I half-expected someone to be there, and also for there to be no one.  No one was there.

I walked a ways up to a gas station where I found a pay phone and attempted to call the Facilitator again.  No answer.  By this point it was already quite dark, being around 8pm in Seattle in March.  I waited, and waited.  After 45 minutes went by I thought, “They’re not coming.”  An announcement came on the dock PA which I could just barely hear declaring that the last ship back to Seattle was leaving in a few minutes. I picked up my bags and began walking back to the dock.  I had only taken about 20 steps when something said to me, “go back”, and so I turned around and went back to the gas station.  Thirty seconds later a car pulled up and someone said, “You must be Dev. Hop in.”

Dev Ray.

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