Live: Robert Fripp and The League Of Crafty Guitarists / Group photo + Poster

Date or timeframe: 12-07-1986
Venue: Old Cabell Hall, University of Virginia
City: Charlottesville, VA
Country: United States
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Notes by Michael Tedesco:

I believe this to be the first post-tour LOCG group portrait.

Taken after the last show of the Level 2.5 Special Project Northeast U.S. tour, December 1986 , backstage at University of Virginia December 7, 1986 show at Old Cabell Hall. Sponsored by UVA’s student radio station, WTJU-FM.

Back row, standing, L – R: Debra Kahan, Andrew Essex, Marc Tomacci, Pietro Russino, Michael Tedesco, John Novak, Adam Lieb, Dave Mazza, Tony Geballe, Randy Chiurazzi, Blanche Gillett

Middle row, L – R: Robert Fripp, Tobin Buttram, Richard Sylvarnes, Al Katkowski, Rae Jung, John Diaz, Dave Bush, John Miley, Mike Gorman, Bert Lams, Ralph Gorga, Patricia Levitt, Peter Kardas, Julie Fraser (partially)

Front row, L – R: Steve Ball’s ear and arm, James Hines III, Wayne Wylupski, Curt Golden, Trey Gunn, Claude Gillett, Steve Jolemore

Photo by Eric Kahan, with Richard Sylvarnes’ camera. © 1986 Richard Sylvarnes, who processed and printed it.

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