Vancouver Open Guitar Circle 3

Date or timeframe: 31-01-2010
Venue: Britannia Community Centre
City: Vancouver
Country: Canada
Category(-ies): /

This was a difficult one to put together, due to family difficulties (including my wife and younger son Micael sick, jobs, etc). Nevertheless, it happened, and was extraordinarily good despite the seemingly disadvantage.

We were 5, including Curt and myself.

For this opportunity I rented a room at a local community centre, which worked very well. We had privacy, in a silent and accessible environment. Good energy in this room that belongs to an elementary school.

We met at 12:30, to prepare the space. Both new students came with guitars tuned, only minor adjustments needed. We sat down in the Circle at 1pm. After a pause, Curt instructed us to begin circulating any note of our choice. We got this going for about 15 minutes. Then he presented notes of C major pentatonic, which we circulated up and down 4 octaves. Then we modulated to Eb minor pentatonic, and circulated both scales, 4 octaves. Then F# major pentatonic was added, and A major pentatonic. We circulated each scale up and down 4 octaves, moved to the next one, and began again from C major pentatonic.

Break. Henri asks “what is next, where are we going to with this work?”. We speak about the possibility of performing music. For this to happen we need to meet more often. More questions about this work.

Again in the Circle, Curt presents alternate picking on four strings, a pattern from “One of a Thousand Regrets”. Then presents the melody and bass lines. After around 40 minutes the piece comes to life. I see the hand of Henri and his alternate picking, it already looks different. Curt recommends the group that they could meet with me to work on their right hands/alternate picking.

We complete the work circulating any note of our choice. Some powerful musical moments, despite the lack of guitar technique. There is attention in the Circle.

I noticed that there were two brief moments of Silence, that the new players recognized and joined in.

Pablo Mandel.

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