Level 3 & The LCG tour: Alex Kelley’s Diary

Date or timeframe: 02-09-2003 / 15-11-2003
City: Atlanta, GA + various cities
Country: United States
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Saturday, November 15, 2003

6:37 pm

The completion of this course and a two hour excursion to Satples has my head rather strained. Stressed? Headache.

It doesn’t help that a few people have been feeling “Sick”. No one is actually sick, but there is a prevailing feeling.

I think the weather change and the end of the course has allowed our fatigue to catch up to us.

I have a clear vision of “things I need to do”. April is a focus. My earlier days will need new activity also. This will support April.

It was a nice touch having Anna announce the official completion of the course.

Last night I quickly whipped up a couple of picks for Fernando. I enjoy that little activity. And according to various people (myslef included);I’m good at it.

Also Fernando is such a great guy, you want to do something to be of assistance.

7:05 pm
Already feeling better.

Hanging out and having Chris make me a “caucasian” is what can help. (Chris is a professional so you know it’s good stuff)

Rob had The Allman Bros. on the stereo. Now he’s moved on to the Stones. Glenn is sitting at the dining room table with the laptop playing various recordings of ours.

Friday, November 14, 2003

8:58 am

Our last full day on the course (in this house).

A message came to the team yesterday reminding of the dangers at the end.

3:54 pm

Much Moving Force this morning. It has only caused casualty.

Unfortunately, that put us down one on The Third Relation, Where It Goes & Where Is The Nurse.

Chris was commenting on my “rock stance” during Where It Goes. I thought:soundhole towards the mics, lower a bit since I’m taller & channel that Gaucho-vibe.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

4:55 pm

Glenn, Igor & I are the currently the only people in the downstairs of this house.

It emptied fast.

Many to Starbucks. A couple to the post office. Which is across from Starbucks.

I will go out.

10:31 pm

Wow, from 9:00 pm to about 9:23 we tuned the intrument(s) of the group. Then, played The Circles. Then tuned again.

Luckily, in the past, I found that fatigue/boredom in playing situations has mitigated any nervousness I might experience. I think I might have missed one note in a take that was an over poor quality performance anyway.

The 40bpm version was not an up & coming classic, but notes were ‘there’. The third take worked (more so) for me. If I say so myself.

How might these stack up to last night’s two recordings? There will be a considerable amount of recorded material by Saturday. I think we have done 10 takes of the Third Relation. How many of Eye Of The Needle?

Gee, Today is my parents’ wedding anniversary.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

11:08 am

On break from the LoCG recording project.

Dev & I assisted Tom in the set up of stools, DI’s & cables. We now have an “Erector set” in the circle (as Curt said).

11:40 am
Back in. Back out. A small group piece is in the worx.

Last night while we worked Driving Force, Anna was on the floor with blanket and pillow. A few times she would be completetly under the blanket shaking the egg shaker Rob bought her at Gtr Ctr Sunday. I enjoyed the shaker.

12:48 pm
Almost lunch-time.

During my freetime/inability to practice, I remembered part of my dream from last night.

It involved Curt walking out to the street in front of this house. Wearing the black demin & black ball-cap, he stood on the opposite side of the street and proceeded to hitchhike by sticking his right hand into the left-side of his jacket; pulling his right thumb out as if drawing it out of a shoulder holster. There was exageration of movement too.

Then Collin’s phone alarm went off with that blasted Can-can ringer.

3:58 pm

Definitely an experience to remember.

There such irony; recording Fernando’s song San Justino with “The Living Boulder’s” headstock eight inches from my right eye.

More personally satisfying solos on Sigh & A Kiss. 5:56 pm

Sixty-nine hours until the end of the course and I find a cool park to walk through.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

12:51 pm
Back from Guitar Center with Fernando, Travis & Howard.

Fernando needed an interface for recording. I needed to stop to Target & let’s not forget the pick-run. I’ll be fingers deep in Claytons and sandpaper later on.

I wouldn’t think I could fall asleep while playing The Third Relation. Last night proved me wrong. Much Eye Of The Needle & Third Relation work over the last two days.

10:46 pm

Driving Force tonight. Damn fun song to play. On occasion, I’ve jumped on the “5 lead” in the 2nd half. For the recording, chords. I never knew that the bass is a dance. But why would I? It makes me like it more.

Cooked dinner with Chris tonight for the first time since the very beginning of the course. Yellow califlower.

Monday, November 10, 2003

11:00 am
We’ve entered personal practice time. I knowwhat I want/need to go over.

This would also be a good time to vacuum since a few people have pointed the ‘remnants’ of Anna’a gerbil’s visit to the L3 floor.

Unfortunately half my room is back in bed. There might be an annoying situation brewing for some.

2:11 pm
No annoyance via vacuum.
I must throw some house laundry in the dryer.

Sunday, November 09, 2003

10:11 am

The Final Exeat. I feel as if I should do something significant. I suppose just engaging myself with the “usual activities” is the best way to live this day.

I already had granola. A Guitar Center trip is planned for later. Some are going to the Matrix 3. I never saw “2”.

6:17 pm

A few of us wanted to get to Guitar Center. Only Rob, Fernie, C-Bass & Anna made it up there. It was near the “cowboy store” that our South American contingent wanted to go to. C-Bass bought a cowboy shirt for gigs at home.

Jonathan left not too long ago. Here’s hoping that the footage will be worth assembling.

I spent a bit of time working on Rhythm Of The Universes with Igor. I shall go back to it before we head out for dinner @ seven.

Saturday, November 08, 2003

2:08 am

Most of us are still awake after returning home at 12:30ish.

My stage managing also included road management as Dev & I collected D.I.’s, cables, stools, and our other needed personal items (gtrs, stands) and drove to the venue earlier than everyone else.

Our “local help” was not here at the house at the time we were given. Set-up became completely our responsibility. Luckily, though, with only the two of us, we were able to be rather organized.

The soundman called the club after we had been there for a while. He figured that Tom would be back with us and he’d have the night off. Or so we believe. Soundman arrived at about 7:15. Beforehand, while in the Greenroom (it’s actually green) Derek asked me when we were soundchecking. I felt an eternity of pause before I said:”Whenever ____ gets here.” Name omitted partially because I don’t know how to spell it.

He did well with our sound. 14 guitars. Nice guy. I am by no means complaining or giving attitude his way. The beginning of the evening was a little tense from lack of communication between parties who were oriiginally “in the know”.

I’ve about 16 jobs in my life…I am usually prepared for someone in the line to blank out. Hmmm, circulating…

I thoroughly enjoyed the show.

The first set was “easy going” from my perspective. The second set contained faster, furiouser songs.

Flying Home, Afghanistan, Driving Force, Boogie

The first two had me sitting quietly during most of our shows. I played tonight because I knew I could. And should’ve in other shows. Not all.

I have been playing Driving Force & Intergalactic Boogie Express, but tonight, they were that much easier. Afghanistan was “easier” too. I might prefer to say “involved less effort”.

During past [eformances, Curt has addressed to the audience regarding a preference to perform acousitcally with them in the center. Not my bag. I was drawn to the instrument by the power produced by ‘suffiently amplified guitars’. I find myself remaining there even after attempts to not point in that direction.

At age 10, I had a cheap Lyle dreadnaught. I didn’y play ’cause I couldn’t tune it, didn’t know what I was doing and wanted an electric. That was sound I was familiar with and drawn to. (for the record, it was 2 days before I turn 17 that I bought an electric…never played the Lyle)

Tonight, I was doing what I could to keep Calliope together while playing it acoustically. Songs as difficult or more while going through the PA, not such a difficulty.

I need to go to bed. I must make breakfast in six hours.

Friday, November 07, 2003

8:36 am

For the show tonight, I will playing the role of stage manager. I’ll even have a couple of minions for this.

4:40 pm

Last night’s set run through went well from my perspective. Here’s hoping that tonight is even better by virtue of the event.

I enjoyed our first Jake’s show. Dark club, loud PA, raised stage, people not listening until something so powerful smacks their attention toward the source.

What’s not to love?

Okay, the smoke.

(This is coming from me):I didn’t find it that smokey last time. And I’ve never smoked. I did work in a pool hall though. That was smoke. My clothes and hair would take on a charming stench of smoke even if nobody smoked in the place. It was in-built.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

12:15 am
Still awake.
Only one in the hay-ouse.
No I’m not going to penny Curt’s door shut, so get off it.

I’m horrible at keeping diaries…always have been. I guess it’s a good thing I remember most events and situations in my life vividly. It serves as enterainment for friends and can be an annoyance for me when some yahoo says:”No, you’re wrong, that’s not what he said.”

Too bad I don’t pick up songs as quickly.

Regardless…this diary will serve as an outline of this course. I’ll have to pull the computer out of storage and transfer information from my parents’ computer to mine(plural).

Stuff to remember:

Curt’s impression of Cornholio (twice) …Curtholio

Curt’s impression of Bazooka Joe (what can’t this guy do with a shirt)

Howard’s psychotic laughs

The site of downtown as we drive to & from WREK with the tops of a few building shrouded in fog

Anna “reminding” me to take poster with me to the radio gig

Anna repremanding me for using my fingers not thumbs to work out my pottery …sometimes ya gotta lose the Dogma & alter the technique…

12:23 am Glenn just walked in, I’m no longer the only one awake.

Listening to a CD of the radio show, I have to think:”My what a “bright” and brainless idea to play the solo I played on A Sigh & A Kiss.” Curt just said he “thought it was awesome”. Dave liked it. One other than myself thought what hell was I thinking?


Wednesday, November 05, 2003

12:36 am

Good show at the radio station. It’s on streaming audio from their site right now in a couple of rooms. One is mine.

Good thing sitting is at the late hour of 7:15 am. 1:26 pm
Warm out today.
Was warm yesterday.

Warmer today.

Or so I think…I just wanted to work in a Family Guy reference. But it is humid and warm.

11:49 pm

Ya know what happens when you drink a hogshead of Mr. Pibb at dinner? Especially when dinner is around 8:00 pm…

So we’re at the Vortex in drink mode…the waitress brings me not just a refill, but a “back-up” (her words) for it. She said that most people who drink Pibb & Diet Coke are addicted. Therefore: the enabler.

After sitting and talking with Igor about Moving Force, I began practicing it while the rest of my room played soccer in the rain & mud.

Chris’ response being:”Finally.” I knew I couldn’t practice with them since they began at 92 or 96(?) weeks ago. Now they’re at 108 – 116.

In some ways, an opportunity lost, but I looked and didn’t belive it to be there. Also, a “worry” regarding the on-going set list accumulation has kept me from practicing songs I’ve felt I would not be playing.

“Why practice Moving Force when I have _________ to be accountable for?”

I do have my answer (it was always there & I was aware of it), but my fearful patterns remain.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

6:25 pm

Fernando has his own room now. Good for him. He shouldn’t have to deal with the west-side. Although we were having some fun looking over Roland, Boos & Line 6 products on the respective sites. Talking gear so Howard could call us as geeky.

Monday, November 03, 2003

1:48 pm

Today’s lunch consisted of leftovers, but still covered the table in a substantial feast. Fernie gets to think that that’s how we always eat. …pretty much.

Show tonight. Sandra, Dev & I will make up sushi for dinner “on the road”. Actually it’s in walking distance around the corner.

A look at Voices Of Ancient Children will occur in 20 minutes. Makes me feel secure in knowing that afterward we’ll have the composer’s viewpoint on the song.

Fernando arrived about 12:15 am. His bed is above mine (for now).

He gets to deal with “West-Side Clowns”.

Good to have him here.

Sunday, November 02, 2003

1:01 pm

This morning after breakfast, Igor played Let It Be on the toy piano in the dining room. This was when most everyone was out & onto their day. The song still sounds great on that little thing.


10:43 pm

During the electric set “run-thru”, Judy appeared with a 6 year old girl who obviously couldn’t sleep upstairs. Too cute that The circles kept her awake where as she slept through Driving Force.

Saturday, November 01, 2003

9:44 am

In ThE hOuSe MaNgLeR’s SeAt.

Now those are the calisthenics we need every morning.

Behind me sits two Home Depot buckets with an 8 pack of Sparkle paper towels. “Mr.” has been added to the “Sparkle”. This place is nuts.

All in the name of “play”.

A function of language is to disclose. An effect is to reveal.

Friday, October 31, 2003

8:41 am

I awoke before the alarm this morning, but remained mostly asleep. Collin’s cell-phone alarm kicked in with Offenbach; I was more awake.

Last night C-2-the-bass asked me to run calisthenics this morning. My interpretation of the first primary stumped Igor. Weird.

I still feel like the metronmoe should’ve been clicking at a faster rate. I was unsure of a good group morning speed. I backslid on the 104. Went to 92, then bumped it up to 98. 104 would’ve been fine. Maybe more.?.? It would’ve shortened an already brief exercise though.

The large cockroach wandering through the circle was a nice touch too. That was also an Igor moment given his loathing of insects…especially ones that could bite your foot off.

5:04 pm

Dev & I walked down to L5P after lunch. He needed to make a purchase and I placed a few posters in obvious locations.

A couple of 20-something guys were down there looking o recruit for an anti- society cult. He (the guy) said he was living with 100 other guys. I told him we had to get back (we actually did) to the 12 guys we’re living with.

I went out to photograph the west-side clowns playing soccer. I still ggot hit in the hand with the ball. Same hand. At least I was ready and Chris didn’t kick it as hard as Collin. Might have a few good shots.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

8:27 pm

No promo-duty for me today. Dev & Bassmaster hit up East Atlanta. It’s probably going to be up to Dev & I to wallpaper the local colleges.

For me, the level 3 concept of cleaning and coking is:”Yeah, and, that’s life.” Most everyone has accepted that.

You’d think that a group of performing guitarists would have much more understanding of the need for exposure on corkboards and in store windows. Not to mention the bonus of “getting away” from the grounds.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

8:18 am

Within the last week, breakfast has been becoming a low population affair. There is once again 13 people on this floor. Today, just under half were sitting at the table.

4:45 pm
The promo-machine rolls forth.

Dev, Diana & I went through Dectaur slapping signs every which way. The guy in the CD store was cool. The guy in the print music shop…_______.

We met a Georgian from Tblisi who might know Igor. Weird.

Earlier practice of Blockhead proved beneficial. Depite the fact that it is not in our set…but should be.

I need to go & practice.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

6:55 pm

Dev & I went out for a promo “session”. Signs at music stores and Emory College(?) University(?). Nice place.

From that, I feel destroyed. Normally I don’t. Today, with cold gray weather and a lack of desire to go out…

Called home. Left a message. Apparently my father wanted spend his birthday looking for a new house. …or so I heard.

11:42 pm

The walk to and fro the phone by Fellini’s Pizza helped wake me up for the night’s circular meeting.

I managed to call home two different times for two different conversations.

Pick alteration following the meeting. (Dev & I picked up a few picks at a store (we put a poster in the store so…))

Monday, October 27, 2003

12:59 pm
Today has seen some different activities.

Jazz charting

A Philip Glass exercise

House cleaning was the same.

After Rob’s discussion of Howard’s return and Tom Redmond’s visit, The West Side eagerly awaits The visit from hell.

Sunday, October 26, 2003

10:29 am

Around these parts we whole-heartedly appreciate daylight saving & the act of gaining an hour sleep.

Though, if I had unlimited resources I’d probably send Capital W to a doctor to check for a deviated septum. Where as currently I’m searching for a pole, cane, umbrella or anything I can use to jab him out of snoresville. Whipping with a pair of sweat pants or belt doesn’t work as well as one would want. If anything, it wakes me up more to attempt to hit onto an upper bunk.

C-Bass was awake an hour ago when I first got up. He’s most likely off to visit American life. Curt is up. Everyone else is unconscious.

Another opportunity missed. If I had a video camera, last night I could’ve filmed three of my roommates attempting to play repertoire drunk. They began with Spanish Flea. Melody-man could only sit there and laugh as he hacked the strings. Quite funny. Good thing nobody drinks before shows.

5:48 pm
Back from a field trip to see Scary Movie 3. Wait for cable if you must see it.

Fellini’s might be the restaurant of choice tonight. Pizza and back for Lebowski. The tape is in the dining room (DVD was out).

Saturday, October 25, 2003

10:23 pm

You’re damn right Howard & I ruled the kitchen during lunch Thursday.

A very yellow meal. No onions…I like onions, but Chris put the thought into my head of:”Every meal has had onions.” Alright, not the granola. …or does it…?? ?…

The little five points Halloween parade. Before going down there, Travis was telling me that it was going to be a family event. It was. But the visible g- string girl (un)dressed as a succubus (sans the wings) writhing on the hood of a car didn’t didn’t broadcast that Mayberry vibe.

Not to mention the “clown death metal band”. They were fun.

To the Brewhouse cafe for over-priced/under-quality nachos. Vortex for a real burger dinner.

Curt, Travis, Chris & the shaven werewolf are back at the Brewhouse for large screen baseball.
I really would love to have my PRS here.

Friday, October 24, 2003

8:05 pm
It just doesn’t feel like Friday. Tomorrow evening (late afternoon) we begin a long day off. The last until after the next Jake’s show.

What one can notice in a quiet environment:

1)Leaves falling onto cement and blowing around can sound like dogs’ claws.

2)The plastic bowl of an Ovation guitar is really loud against a cotton t-shirt.

More promo-craft today. We’re almost out of tape. Which in itself is a good thing since scotch tape just doesn’t hold up to “weather”.

There are so many other places beyond our L5P spots. Gotta get back to Guitar Center. Gotta stop to that one music store with potential that is not open on Monday or Tuesday.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

10:14 pm Promo-craft.

Dev & I drove through distant neighborhoods placing LoCG signs and flyers in appropriate stores.

We returned after the 6:30 circultion meeting began. Neither of us figured upon joining. Though, when I went in to sit and listen (aside from noticing Robert Wilson on the floor), Curt motioned for me to sit in. Triplets in A minor pentatonic). Then Ab major.

11:42 pm
Travis has just returned. 12:02 am
Definitely time for bed.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

8:50 pm Uneventful day.

I was going to go for a walk when I heard “The Ryhthm Of The Universes” coming out of the guest room. Steve was showing Igor & Capital W the song. I grabbed my guitar just in time for Mr. Sparkle to go to the kitchen to make dinner. Steve showed Igor & I the intro. Cool.

11:30 pm
Group loops & soundscaping tonight.

The bunch got it going and had some cool phrases. I knew that when it would come to me I would need to gesso the canvas with open strings and get more droney. Self-consciousness had me doubting myself…of course…it’s me.

Luckily, Terrance the Guitar Gnome brought it down with staccato single notes similar to what I had in mind. He passed it off to me and I felt it acceptable to simplify that thing into washes and G major/minor tensions.

The real gradifying moment came during the middle of the ‘scape I had been orchestrating when Judy popped in the door to express enjoyment while painting.

But enough about me.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Back logging of the day.
Steve Jolemore arrrived in the morning. Was it morning?

Beforehand, the house mangler, Sleepy Joe, had us group together randomly in Level One fashion. Songwriting ensued.

Monday, October 20, 2003

11:31 am
Good thing this is a full day off.

Dev & I took Alex L. to his hotel (about 20 miles north) at 2:00 am. I got to sleep at 4:00 am. I hear Dev went to bed at dawn.

I awoke at 10:00ish. There will be sleep sometime later. One necessary item of business for is to walk to the LFP post office.

That & laundry are needed. Last night:

Maddy’s for blues & Ribs (I had chicken…don’t dine on the swine..alright, pepperoni) Igor got up and played with the band. I kept thinking:”If asked, I definitely will”, ‘but I’m not putting it out there.’ Great fun.

Back here for a walk to The Vortex with Curt, Glenn & Alex. Walking back, we ran into Rob & C-Bass. Back home…they had scotch. I had a desert bar that Colling made a couple of nights ago.

Eggs-cellent conversation:Psychological, practical, crafty, economical & rock shows we’ve seen….Curt has seen some classic(sorry) stuff.

Then the hotel trip. Fun times.

Presently all are out to breakfast except David, Dev & I. Chris is gone in a separate fashion. Hmmm…did C-bass go to breakfast? ‘Cause his stuff might have to come out of the washer. damn.

8:46 pm
Laundry went well.

Following Dev’s return from Waffle House, he and I drove up to the Phipps Plaza area to look for the new Perfect Circle CD…of which he bought. That and the new Jane’s Addiction.

We came back during rush hour. Not too bad. ‘Course, I wasn’t driving.

One path back to Ponce De Leone (the street) causes us to pass a Warrior Guitars store. It’s weird seeing an entire store front to one guitar line. But, they are exceedingly expensive & produced and marketed towards a specific demographic. Not Dev’s or my demo…so we drive on by.

Vortex for dinner. 1980’s new wave on the house system. They did slip in Concrete Blonde and The Cult though. I’m not complaining.

Walking back I handed some change to one of the many individuals who ask for change at L5P. I always feel weird ’cause I don’t know if it’s actually going for food, drink, drugs,???, etc.

I just feel so bad for these people regadless of the circumstances of their situation.

There was a group of two men and one woman who obviously had wares to sell (painting, etc.). They looked as if they sleep behind a dumpster. All they did was ask how we were doing. A flash of “these people aren’t all asking for hand-outs just acknowledgment that they’re part of the world and not unseen and uncared about/for.”

Sunday, October 19, 2003

2:51 PM

4:13 pm

Today’s set list:

A minor circulation/ 3 chords

Third Relation (at about 100bpm…then we breathed) Where It Goes

Sigh & A Kiss

Eye Of The Needle

Flying Home

Minor Swing

C Harmonic minor circulation

Voices Of Ancient Children

Bicycling To Afghanistan

Intergalactic Boogie Express

Growing Circle


Driving Force


Saturday, October 18, 2003

12:51 pm

At one point en route to Athens, I nodded off only to be awoken by 3 people yelling:”Brad, BRAD!”.

Apparently Brad got the 1000 yard stare while driving a van full of people who were falling asleep at 4:30 pm.

Now it a course…or so Brad said. Now it’s an LoCG road performance?
On the ride home, I didn’t enter into sleepiness until we were almost home.

Morning cleaning. I hit up the bathroom & some recycling after straightening my stuff.

Phoned my grandmother in regards to her 80th birthday (which was yesterday).

Friday, October 17, 2003

8:41 am
Today I manage the house.

So far this morning I managed to pour pumpkin seeds into the raisin container while cleaning up after breakfast. At one one point, I also had raisins in the pumpkin seed bag.

I have 11 hours and 49 minutes to wake up.

11:49 am

Calisthenics at 88bpm can wake ya’ up.

Not to mention a shower. Though, yesterday’s shower ahd more of that “wake- up” vibe given that lack of hot water. Plenty warm today.

Alex Lahoski arrived last night. Always good when we have multiple Alex’s on a course. Brad Benn arrived this morning with a BIG VAN. (the caps lock locked as I typed that. i had not planned that to happen…cool)

Thursday, October 16, 2003

4:09 pm

I shall go for a walk. It is P.E. time and I need my wrist to complete it’s healing process. Hmmm….photo finishing?

I wonder if this course is the first course to see the house manager sub- contract the ‘marking of the hour’.

I feel much better about the set as we just ran though the material with my Tama metronome for the last couple of hours.

5:26 pm

Film processing will have to wait. Although I did check out the drug store @ Little Five Points*.

I wound up just placing LoCG sings and flyers in areas that no longer have them. So far a singer/songwriter & Yoga teacher have placed their signs over ours.

This will not stand…the dude minds…!!!

Actually, it just gives me an excuse to continue the promo-machine. If I had a car with me…

7:52 pm
Chess with Mr. Sparkle. I lost.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Back Log Of Entry


Appearance of Chris’ wife

Not enough practice

Great lunch

Good dinner

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

2:07 pm

So far, I know Travis, Chris, Howard & I are all dragging around tired today. I told C-Bass that I’d clean the bathroom (he’s house manager today). Maybe that’ll wake me up for the outdoor rehearsal.

11:22 pm

During silence this evening the notion of working on a piano prelude (that is played in the “jet city”) came to Curt.

Diary will be pre-empted due to ….

Monday, October 13, 2003

10:10 am
Another post-day-off cleaning extravaganza is over. Only an hour this time.

Igor has scheduled the next two hours for personal practice and “what not”. Time to see just what my left hand can do today (feels better yet still, but not perfect). This afternoon is another Birds Of Fire session…stretchy leads await.

Sunday, October 12, 2003

6:21 pm

I’d be very interested in learning about Quentin Tarrentino’s childhood. What’s up with the ultra-violence?

The theater in which Travis, Chris, Igor, Dev & I saw ‘Kill Bill’ is showing ‘Big Lebowski’ on Halloween weekend. This might be a necessary field trip for the team…espcially Curt.

The laft hand is the “limb of the every minute” still. It feels better, but still isn’t 100%. I sat in the circle last night and played whatever I thought would be appropriate and non-damaging. It feels tight.

Dev and I stopped to the local Guitar Center after the movie. Performance flyers aplenty.

Saturday, October 11, 2003

3:44 pm
Interesting day.
Sitting an hour later, no calisthenics, silent/quiet breakfast. After a whole lotta personal practice time, lunch.
Bill Rieflin arrives. Provides excellent insight into performing. Birds Of Fire work in the circle.

Soccer in the park. Currently I am typing this with one hand since (at a turn on goalie) I stopped the ball with my left hand. The wrist is currently suffering from my hand being pushed backwards by the ball.

I don’t foresee myself being in the circle after dinner. 5:59 pm
Dinner should be in one minute.

The main-stay of players are circulating in our post quiet time. I opted out due to the aforementioned injury. The hand/wrist is feeling better already, but I’m still going to sit out tonight’s circle.

Which kind of sucks since Chris is leading. Something different??? I’ll most likely work right-openstring-madness.

Friday, October 10, 2003

11:41 am
Overall, I’d say tonight had an enjoyable show. ‘The art is in the recovery.’

‘Tis definitely the middle. I had this fuzzy cloud at the base of my skull separating my head from the rest of my body. Songs that I “know” were fine. Newer songs (for me) were diff-i-cult.

I just kept reminding myself that the “seasoned pros” have those nights. And as Debra says (paraphrase):’For every bad notes, there are a thousand good notes’.

A thousand notes…especially in these songs.
Bottom line: The team as a whole played well and the audience dug it.

A gathering is filling the dining room. These things always make me uncomfortable. The meals are fine. A “party” sends me off to a lesser populated room. Yet I dislike the “disconnected from people feeling”. It’s like a Greek tradegdy.

A response from one of the team when Debra’s “message to the band” came up (pun intended):”Are those my only two options?”

Thursday, October 09, 2003

5:50 pm

It seems just about everyone has a view askew today. My mind has not been accompanying my body for part of the day. Other diary entries portray that as well. Our playing earlier protrayed that as well.

Derek the guitar gnome* is getting ready to pick up a visitor at the airport, right.(?)

It is just about time for us to QUIET(!!!) 11:48 pm

Those of us who were not picking up significant others at the airport or working late in the kitchen got to Attak the Thrak. Or, maybe it was be attaked by Thrak. At first we just hacked at it. Then we played it. Good work. Can always be better.

I shall make breakfats tomorrow. Whilst doing so, I’ll also whip up some post ‘gig’ food.

*heeheehee **(Derek’s gnome laugh)

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

12:53 pm

C-Bass(tian) instituted a new category on today’s schedule. Physical activity. Most everyone was out playing soccer for half-of-an-hour. I took a walk. As did Curt & Glenn. (all of of separate)

Now there’s an impatient queue for the shower…especially since lunch is in a few minutes.

5:52 pm

Quiet time is approaching and it’s already rather quiet.

11:29 pm

Man they’s got big cockroaches down here. Like small dog.

Okay, maybe (knock wood), but you really don’t need to look up to the ceiling and see one of these.

I have scheduled an hour of “gym class” tomorrow. Let’s hope Chris’ goal kicks don’t take Derek’s hand off again. Wwe have just so much thread around here.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

11:54 am

Following our Two-Hour-Mega-Clean-A-Thon-(a), I took went on a short walk. The next performance is five minutes away by foot.

Being certain that we’ll walk over, I must say that it’s kind of fun to walk to a show and have the guitars appear in Rob’s van. I’ve always been so used to driving for a bunch of miles to meet up with the band, load out a metric assload of gear*, then drive to a show, etc.

*It’s the Derek influence.

Monday, October 06, 2003

12:22 am

The gang just returned from a bar called The Yacht Club. As I hear it, it’s none too ‘swank’.

But with Rob walking downstairs carrying bottles, no one’s going to sleep anytime soon.

Dev & I drove to Kinkos in order to procure copies of the LoCG poster o’gigs. 11×17
Assorted colors
Twelve guitarists featured in concert

How can anyone resist attending a show.

Rob has a CD spinning. It’ll be a late night. Good thing we’re off until Tuesday morning.

7:59 pm
Day off continues.
Long day of driving around in Dev’s car.

Sebastian & I accompanied Igor, Derek & Dev on their haircut run. Igor got a major buzzcut. The “D’s” just went ultra short. I have not run into any difficulty with long hair here. Granted Dev just commented that the ponytail came out. It’s warm in here.

We postered the hell out of Little Five Points. The League Of Crafty Guitarists based near a very alternative & goth neighborhood. Fine with me.

We [C-bas, Dev & I] visited a few music stores today. Two were closed and of poor quality. One was half closed; nice lady in the store. One had an oud, sitar, slit drums, etc. None had triangular picks of quality though.

I feel as if I should practice more. I only got in about 45 minutes today…day off.

9:30 pm

I had called my mother today. It’s her birthday. I wonder if the card arrived after that?

Practice has not been the rousing success I had hoped for tonight.

Sunday, October 05, 2003

6:21 pm

Debra had to go back home, but her presence in the house was at the perfect time.

Holly, AT teacher extrordinaire was extremely welcome today. Good exercises in trust.

Luckily, I no issues with trust.

We visited Japan without even leaving the ballroom. I’m so pleased that those present were willing to indulge my eastern pentatonic experiment in circulations. Once the string bending and ‘picking close to the bridge’ kicked in we had it going on. But, it could go further…if semi-organized.


October 04, 2003

12:07 am
Within this house the day of Saturday is not over. Therefore…diary for Sat.

Both last week and this I have gotten to experience the lack of faith a ‘bandmate’ had (has?) over my playing (judt before a show). Last week, I came away angry. Today, without any confidence in my playing ability.

I have not experienced this since 1997. Then, I left the band. Here I can’t and won’t. I’m older and better than I was then. Though personal confidence goes up and down. The last two days were very “up”. Almost anything was playable. Now…???

See Curt’s entry regarding The Lord Of The Flies. At this point, someone can make one little insensitve comment and a spotlight on their annoying personality traits lights up for the life long day.

I can’t wait to see what the next shows hold for me. The work goes on.

Friday, October 03, 2003

5:21 pm

When I have nothing to say, it’s hard to say nothing. Which must be why I’m typing right now.

There’s so much to practice. I will go now.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

10:07 am
Water emergency abated. We can shower, brush teeth and drink. After breakfast the water was running brown…or so I heard.

2:47 pm
Walked down to Little Five Pionts today on a very necessary errand.

I got back after the group was convened in the Ballroom for a fifteen minute exercise. I got in nine minutes in my room. Oddly enough I was telling Curt yesterday about how my shoulder ‘feels the wrath’ after about 12 or 13 minutes of it. Nine was Fine.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

8:11 pm

I am house manager today. I do enjoy the job, just not being addressed as “House Manager” in lieu of my name. Quite a few people seem to do that.

Overall a good day today.

Igor photographed me practicing in the hall outside the bathroom. I figured a good way to maximize time is ‘pull up a drum stool and wait near the door with ‘Bicycling sections’.

I have also found out what it takes to soften a Gibraltar drum seat. Many, many hours of sitting on it and dealing with the discomfort. 11:52 pm

Damn, I’m tired.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

2:39 pm
I missed a diary entry yesterday.

Actually, last night, I thought:”I could wait up and type. Or…go to bed immediately (given my exhaustion).” Diary was the sacrifice. I stand by that.

In about an hour the LoGC will drive to a memorial service where we will play ‘The 28 Bars’ & possibly one or two others.

Right before writing this I received word that my grandfather (father’s father) died this morning.

He has not been well for months; we’ve been expecting this. Still an odd feeling.

11:45 pm

Today, Igor filed down the E & G string frets around the 11th-20th area. They’s been buzzin’. Now I have rough frets and a scratch on the face of the guitar. Rough frets need 0000 steel wool. The scratch will require mirror glaze I’d assume.

Working with Chris, Travis & Derek on ‘Moving Mountains’. Colling has joined in on the chordal arpeggios with me.

I wanted to call home in regards to my grandfather. Today’s duties of performing, cooking, and circling prevented that. Now is not the time to call. When tomorrow will there be an opportunity?

Monday, September 29, 2003

Missed the day’s entry today.

1:50 am

Sunday, September 28, 2003

Great show as I see it….

…and I’m the one who played a solo in ‘Hope’ during the descending chords. Sounded good though.

The audience was very attentive.

The Intergalactic Cowboy played between our two sets and afterwards. I have such a different image of him now as compared to the guy who drove me here from the airport. IGC rules.

Not long before we left, I walked out into the fresh air (humid, fresh air (so it was thick)) and regarded the marquee with the name The League Of Crafty Guitarists on it. Weird to view knowing that I was on that stage as one of them.

7:10 pm

Post dinner experience consisted of riding with Howard to the grocery store across from La Fonda. After purchasing soap, he drove back here and I went into Full Moon Records across the street. There, I found a new copy of the David Byrne video “Between The Teeth”. Out of print and elusive for 5 years until tonight.

And for a measily $10…..It is now on my drum stool.

Painted on the sidewalk outside the record store: “30307 is not a zipcode, it’s a lifestyle.”

So far, I believe that.

When Curt returns, a posting I found in the record store will cross his palm. A local college radio station has bands on for performance-sake.

Apparently Sebastian wants to post.

Saturday, September 27, 2003

8:02 am

It’s all about the arpeggios.

3:21 pm

How…? What…? But…?

I was the first person out of the Ballroom with all intentions of being first in the shower. Who’s in there? (and for that matter: Where Is The Nurse?)

Friday, September 26, 2003

8:19 pm

The West Side Rappers debuted “Theme I” today at lunch. A replay for Debra Kahan took place a few minutes ago. Hellboys better watch their backs.

About thirty minutes before Debra’s return, not silence, but mirth, appeared at the dinner table. It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve laughed as hard as today. Though for Igor it’s since 1986. His story of the inccident provided yet more jocularity.

Good conversation of technique with Derek tonight before dinner.

I’m carrying something C-Bas said last night about how I am different performing compared to rehearsal. Different in a good way.

Needless to say, I appreciate that kind of observation. Especially when a few days ago he mentioned how I will make the “I know I just killed that note face” in the circle, but live I don’t. He was doubting me. Assuage your fears I say.

Mostly, the “face” is a result of the “helpful people” who lurk in every circle.

12:05 am

I can’t belive it’s this late already. Strings will have to wait until tomorrow.

Earlier (at lunch?), a discussion came up in reference to the posted (on our corkboard) aphorism regarding ‘faults’.

One statement was made about people not wanting to face their faults. For some, it’s way too easy to face their faults.

Then, the faults can become overwhelming and those people can feel as if they’re faulty. A martyr in the making.

Pre-dinner, I found myself hanging briefly with Igor. He was jazzing it up in 30’s fashion with Django’s “Minor Swing”. He showed me the chord change and got a jam going with Rob & Derek stopping by. This was followed by a quick (speedy) run through of Flying Home.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

8:25 pm

Dev’s definitely up. Much better.

C-Bas, Igor, Travis, Chris, Collin & I played Hope at dinner. We had to get the double time circulation together so the song could sound like it is supposed to sound.

i think we have hope

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

11:21 am

Annoyance abounds in my life. It’s been easy to be angry and annoyed since last night. I don’t want to be. There exists a struggle between I know to be necessary & beneficial and my brain with sleep deficit.

My room tends to sleep at short intervals between meetings, meals, etc. A comment this morning depicting someone’s impression of our efforts to rest helped keep from sleeping too heavily.

Many people like to impose their viewpoint on others without ‘knowing’ the situation. …But that’s a given…

At 10:52, I had intentions to take a shower. Since I had to be present in the hall at 11:00, I made a phone call outside, came back in for my obligation and went back outside. Upon returning to the hallway a few minutes later, I found myself to be at thwe end of a five person line up for the shower.

Dev is off to the doctor. 10:38 pm

Good times down at Vortex over burgers and drink. (my drink being Mr. Pibb, everyones else’s being Scotch & Beer)

Dev was given appropriate drugs at the E.R. He was just in my room (aka. Da’ West-Side) watching Howard, Collin & Chris work on the First Guitar Craft Rap song.

Good Thing we’re on a night off. Word.

Anyway…The Vortex plays a nmix of 80’s metal that had Chris and playing the “name that tune/band game.

Time to sign off and see if Glenn got the ‘New Visions’ DVD to work in his Mac. 10:43 pm
No he hasn’t.

After viewing the LoCG photos, I thought:”Too much black.” Either we need to all wear completely black clothes (uniform?!?!!) or more of us need to mix it up.

So, today at Target I bought the red shirt that my wardrode is missing. A red shirt that our team is missing.

Walking down the street(s) to the CGT gig Saturday, we had too much of a Reservoir Dogs vibe.

DVD is on.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

11:27 pm

Went to the farmer’s market with Derek today. Decent enough place. It’s no Wegmans.

While I sought out my list, everyone seemed to move in a slower motion. When I looked around without moving, I felt as if I slipped into their time. Then move on. But, I’ve experienced this in stores for years. Just now I’m not visiting them regularly.

On the return home, I began to feel a headachey-sick. Same as on our day off about a week and a half ago. That time, it was returning to Atlanta from the suburbs that contained a Target Store.

I’m just tired now. Strong contrast to last night at this time.

Monday, September 22, 2003

8:56 am

I felt somewhat sick(ish) last week. Throat was agitated. Significant sleep helped. Dev is sleeping right now, in order to make himself shake whatever he has going on. Granted, he has stayed awake longer than the rest of us (save perhaps Collin).

Meeting right now with guitars, cables, DI’s, etc. 12:19 pm

Alright, so it was not a meeting” so much as set up the stools and technology so Tom could wire us up.

Then, meet in there with guitars at 10:00 and run through Eye Of The Needle for levels.

Afterward was an excellent and all too needed meeting with Sandra. Those that would be playing the leads on The Moving Forcedid so…until she got to work. The rest of us joined in for Calliope later. Calliope was only too appropriate for the ensuing activities of moving freely and playing without unnecessary tension. That, and I still don’t feel as if I’ve totally made friends with that song.

Very psychological meeting. I could see a couple of cats not totally being on that page, but if I ponder my life 1,000 miles away; I would see that constantly. No unecessary pondering has occurred though.

4:42 pm
Good work with the P.A. today. Or so I thought. Dev is currently in the quarantine room.

Discussions at tea covering weather (it’s raining hard) ‘pick-talk’ & more. Today’s tea featured fruit and nuts instead of baked goods. Judy also provided vitamin C tablets.

11:53 pm
Is it a milkshake if it hasn’t been shaken? A strawberry milkstir.

Bread making in the kitchen with Seb & Collin. Tom & Dave Growing a Circle. Igor working on Derek’s guitar. Howard & Chris making phone calls. Curt is most likely wading through a deluge of email & AAD stuff. Me? I HAD to put the guitar on its stand.

Tonight we were working Driving Force @ 116 bpm. Needless to say, most of us were on bass. At the “5” section, I felt a need to jump on the lead part. I was with it. The song drives. Metronome work after the meeting was pleasing, but why it that it always has to be 11:00 pm when I am hitting over 100 bpm?

Two weeks ago, I was nowhere in the vicinity though.

Sunday, September 21, 2003

8:27 pm
The photos from above (as taken by Stephanie Kalka) depict ( for me) the most enjoyable portion of the performances. Outside, noise, people ready to be entertained while waiting for the doors to open.

Inside was fine, but when you play a note and it die a couple of feet in front of you….. The temporal changes during Askesis in the auditorium were just wacky. I was trying to come up with a Star Trek reference here, but I got nothin’.

11:23 pm
Almost 2 solid metric hours of circulations and Thrak.
I’m rather tired.
Travis, Chris & Sebastian are playing Thrak a few feet from my bed.

Saturday, September 20, 2003

1:30 pm

That would be three Alexander Technique people here today. So everyone should be ultra-relaxed for the show tonight.

About four times within the last few hours (couple of hours?) Curt and I have almost collided in the hall. Not in a clulessly running out the door fashion, but more of a; “We’re walking into the same path at the same time kinda thing.”

My not-so-secret transcription of a Guitar Craft hit is coming along. I bass- icaly have the bass part down on paper. The lead should should fall into place easliy enough. Then of to Curt to have him say:”That’s not right.” “I didn’t play that part.” “Maybe…”

Showers abound. Not as frantic as last Sunday, but then, we don’t have to be at the theater until about 7:00 in the PM.

1:43 pm

Reading the diaries, I wish I could have been in the circle with Anna last night. People were speaking of her being there, but it sounded as if she was sitting in the middle. Sebastian & I were cooking dinner at that time. Maybe she’ll have a need to come back down within the next 8 weeks.

11:09 pm Success!

Right now (in tha house), we have the California Guitar Trio, Tom G. & another individual who is on the road with them. Chocolate cake (very tasty), cookies (ditto), cheese, bread & hummus (just in case).

As Sandra stated:”Who needs hummus when you have cake?” Exactly. Paul wound up serving the cake.

Their show was excellent. Our performances were well done (for the conditions) and very well received. At one point Paul remarked:”It sounds like the League of Crafty Guitarists to me.”

I Spoke with Tom at the merchandise table for a while. Arrived back in the balcony just in time for the CGT to begin.

Most of us continued to peer back at our guitars especially when people wound walk by. A few times, I got up to stand in front of the instruments. I was none to pleased when a tie-dye clad audient decided to hang around out stuff and strike a spliff over them. Then, he a his friends passed this thing around as I glared at him with my best:”Get the hell away from our instruments” look. All the while avoiding the vile smoke that they were exhaling into the theater.

We were fine. Afterward we quickly hit the lobby for some Growing Circle & Eye OF The Needle then we split. And here we are.

That being said, why am sitting at a computer instead of hanging out with the CGT, LoCG & posse?

Friday, September 19, 2003

4:50 pm

In ten minutes Travis (and probably Derek & Chris) will be conducting a “Where It Goes” ‘class’. I’d love to work with evevryone on this, but Sebastian & I will be cooking dinner. I do basically know the song though.

Perhaps, I (or we) can get in some time on that if food has to bake. I have no idea as to what we’re cooking. This is another “Sebastian Surprise” night. Derek just said to make sure he uses up the Tomateos (sp?).

Last night was an early to bed night for the whole West-Side…except that we were laughing and such for a long time after the lights went out. You try sharing a room with Derek & Chris.

12:35 am

A west-side/east-side vibe is creeping up between the bedrooms. Mostly from the west-si-ede. All for fun though, nobody’s pulled ‘gat’.

After tonight’s meeting(s), many of us were somewhat hungry and hit the freezer. The pizza…gone, quesedas (sp, i know)…gone, Ice Ream…remains.

Dev produced chips from his room. He and Collin are presently baking bread.

Terry continues to practice various songs on the repertoire list for tomorrow night.

I need to brush my teeth. David just got in the shower. Damn. I wonder if the west-side room is awake. Probably a stupid question.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

8:48 am
I feel much better today.

Dev asked if I how long I slept. I think it was about 10 hours. That was definitely not by choice.

I found myself in & out of sleep from 8:30 – 11:30. I could hear the ‘Flying Home players’ in my room, but it didn’t bother me. Then The Moving Force at the meeting. Once everyone disbanded for the night, I went to sleep “for real”.

5:01 pm

We are off. Curt suggested not playing, practicing, etc. on the guitar until tomorrow.

Many of us are looking for shower usage. Time out on the town might be delayed for many of us.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

11:40 pm

I don’t want to miss anything. Tonight I had to miss the post dinner meetings. Sleep was all too necessary. The lack of sleep from these 6:15 am sittings following late night guitar work have not been beneficial.

Tomorrow night is “off”. And perhaps spent in bed.

Earlier today I phoned home. The call was answered, but I wasn’t heard since it was hung up right away on the other end. Damn, I hate cell phones.

Back to bed.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

We’re in the midst of individual practice and small group work. House work goes on.

New new (as in 2 hours ago) mirrors make the Ballroom look like a dance studio or Dojo.

Earlier Glenn handed me a printed copy of a song Curt had on MIDI file that I feel we NEED to play.

Monday, September 15, 2003

1:51 am

As the only person awake (standard vernacular) in this house, I must say that drinking two glasses of Coke (a-cola) at 9:30 pm after abstaining consumption for 9 days is not the best idea. But, when you’re in Maddy’s Blues & Ribs with 9 other guys…I don’t like beer, water was not appropriate…

9 days, 9 other people at my table, ______
Derek had lemonade ~ he’s asleep
The eight beer drinkers ~ you know they’re asleep
Me ~ I’M UP BABY! (he types with George Costanza inflection)

I found myself open “The Pick Factory” tonight. Collin purchased some sandpaper at Target today so I could show him how I fashion my picks.

Then I got to frighten a some of the group with my extreme geekery featuring my ability to recall where (and when) I purchased each of the 60+ picks in my possession here.

(I’m still laughing over Curt’s entry into and immediate exit from the dining room as we were discussing the movie “Deliverance”)

Then Collin and I got to discuss Obessive Compulsive Disorder. Which was mostly me going on about my discoveries in that area. And how its realization can really help enable one to face many choices everyday.

Now I have a choice lie in bed and not sleep or occupy myself whilst up and roaming. Or ta’hellwithit. I’m going back to bed. I’m the snoring will help me go to sleep. 2:13 am
It’s me again:The Central Scrutinizer (again with the Zappa)
Still up.

Bed soon.
12:39 am (Tues.)
Some bad jokes at dinner. Some good.

Sunday, September 14, 2003

8:36 am
Already an odd day.

Chris’ bed is next to mine, Howard above me & Collin above Chris. The four of us all woke up at 8:00 am. We heard no one moving around, no alarms, no guitars during calisthenics. It like a dark silent cloud cloaked our part of the room.

7:37 pm

I feel like I should being doing something. We’re “off”, but it’s weird to not be involving myself with a project and practicing doesn’t feel like the right way to go.

There is a song that I want to arrange though.

The show was most enjoyable. There were quite a few southern Baptist style comments on the presence of more than a dozen guitarists.

“Gracious!” was one I heard a few times. Love it.

As Travis said: ‘an acoustically challenged gig’. In one room I was balancing myself over a chair behind an elderly lady while her table ate lunch.

One room was too small so some of us waited in the hall while the “Where It Goes” ensemble went in and quickly reassigned parts for Eye Of The Needle for the second song.

We actually performed in a circle in the largest room with the pastor and a few others in the middle.

That was just fun.

Dev, Sebastian & I shimmied on up to Target. We ran into Collin, Howard & Chris who were buting performance clothes. I bought a Simpsons T-shirt. The one I have been for for a couple of years. I came here with gigable clothes…I knew we’d be playing out.

Expectation may be a prison, but it can help you be prepared.

For our drive around the city, we featured Master Of Puppets to which the two other music production students in the car were annalyzing the tracks and playing. We were all enjoying some heavyness though.

Saturday, September 13, 2003

12:12 am (Sunday)

Waiting to brush my teeth. We just ended an Intergalactic Boogie Express session.

Heavy duty circulations today and tonight. Including The Circle Melody (aka “The Circles”).

At one point I was about to work on said Circle Melody and discovered Stephaine Kalka in the hall looking for a bowl for Terry’s brother’s large, warm dog.

They’re to arrive tomorrow. While we’re on our afternoon off.

Earlier Rob decided to torture all who were in the dining room with the new Rolling Stone magazine. As I understand, Dev will be heading off to buy a copy tomorrow.

Spoke with Curt about the possibility of learning a song from the Show Of Hands CD that is quite an attention grabber.

I think the bathroom is free.

Friday, September 12, 2003

12:26 am

We are just amped up. I was fading around 6:00 pm today, but now after working out some repertoire at high (for me) speeds, I might as well have consumed a “6” of Mountain Dew.

Speaking of which: No caffeine for six days. No meat for six days (obviously).

Collin and I are looking at hitting a “hole-in-the-wall” music store in search of picks. I cut down of his tonight…too bad I left my sandpaper and emoryboard at home.

Conversations around the enneagram, and something else that is slipping my mind. I feel as if I need to walk around with a notepad so as to compile the list of observations, questions and general statements.

Alright, Collin is awaiting the diary page.

12:47 am

Some incense might be a good touch for the house here. At very least, the bedrooms. Five or six guys per room…

10:38 pm

In regards to Terry’s diary…The League Of Crafty Guitarists DID rock the house tonight.

The audient’s cell phone ringing after the very last note of Calliope was an excellent touch. Serpendipitous as it was. Quite the ice breaker too. That made space for Curt to address the audience. He’s good.

The set list on Curt’s diary needs to have Bicycling To Afghanistan added to the encore before Aspiration. Spur of the moment decision in the green room.

We have a night off. We also have our usual schedule beginning at 6:15 am. Lucky for me I don’t drink wine. I can only speak for me that I feel the potential of this performance to carry on into the work needed to prepare for Sunday’s performance. I still need personal practice time with Calliope.

Tonight, for dinner, we were joined by Tony’s nephew and his wife. Nice people. Apparently Tony is to leave with them. But that makes space for the next visitors from Joisey. A Connecticut resident is due also…but not for another few weeks. We’ll be here. Practicing, cooking, cleaning & practicing.

Today, while Curt spoke about working in the kitchen it finally hit me as to why there are the nine levels in Guitar Craft. His blatent analogy was key. But then, I never gave thought to ‘why’ anyway.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

3:35 pm
I missed an entry yesterday. Back log forthcoming.

An hour and a half of “Bicycling Boot Camp”. I feel much much more in line with this song. 80bpm…comfy. 88bpm…getting tense. 104?!?!?!…All were sent flying bodies everywhere (except Igor (of course)).

There’s just so much to say that I have nothing to say. Therefore I have some vacuuming to do.

12:44 am (Friday)

I almost forgot about a “Happy Birthday!!!” to my cousin. I’m sure she will not be readin this site, but, it’s there if ever.

Two people are in bed. Where’s The Nurse continues in the Ballroom with Derek, Tony and Igor. Tomorrow’s (today’s) sitting is in 6 1/2 hours.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Performance at the Red Light as: The Intonators (Igor, Derek, Travis, Rob, Collin, me) and The Iverson Circle (whole group).

More to Kome…..

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

10:03 pm

Oh the humanity!!!

Tom’s statement:”I feel like I have an oyster shucker shoved up my back.”

Where as I’m just going to go to Target and buy new shoulders. Maybe a Scapula too.

Much work with Tony dissecting Calliope. Not to mention earlier work on Askesis. (he’s here so…)

I have yet more of a respect for the original LoCG and CGT, etc. 10:12 pm
Still no ability to reply to Hotmail. Can read it though.
Back to the Calliope with Tony.

11:50 pm
I B Haus Manager tomorrow.

Igor, Derek, Travis and Collin were playing The Third Relation until aboot (as Derek might say) 2:45 am. Now they’ve been working Calliope, Eye Of The Needle and are now back on Calliope. I’m inclined to find my tennis balls and lie on them.

Sitting at 6:15 am

Monday, September 08, 2003

5:14 am

Actually, I think it was Travis not Collin who woke me up. But The snoring from above me kept me up. The snorer will remain anonymous.

Excellent meeting with Tony right before tea. I don’t think either of us played for more than a couple of minutes. Discussion and advice certainly works when its mean’t to.

At the end of breakfast Rob announced that Warren Zevon passed. We held a few moments of silence.

At 5:30 the LoCG will continue work on the first six Guitar Craft themes.

Sunday, September 07, 2003

11:26 pm

Internet access remains ‘hit-or-miss’. No Hotmail!!! A few of us are out of luck on that one until the router problem is dealt with.

Earlier, the diary was unavailable.
This morning was the first rehearsal of the League Of Crafty Guitarists.

The second meeting would have been tonight, but was postponed in lieu of circulations.

So much information today.
Now is not the time…must make breakfast in the morning.

Saturday, September 06, 2003

10:07 am

Sitting at 7:15 am

Breakfast at 8:00 am

Igor arrives at about 8:06 am

Silence “comes with”.

With all but one present, the room was much quieter than yesterday morning. Silence gradually enveloped the room for approximately 10-15 minutes.

“The first Level Three course in the United States in a long time” began at 8:25 am on Saturday September 6th, 2003.

Formal meeting remains at its scheduled time of 9:00 pm.

Guitar work this morning: Ab major circulation, 1st primary (all 24), C harmonic minor circulation, Eye Of The Needle.

Igor allowed me to play his Somogyi. It is SO comfortable. More guitars need fanned frets.

2:16 pm
Yet more diaries to peruse on DGM.

Friday, September 05, 2003

12:11 am
Oh you’re killing me.
I just typed out an entry only to have it deleted. Agh. Anyway….

Uneventful flight. I was more awake when I typed twenty minutes ago. Since Chris and I are in charge of breakfast, I am going to brush my teeth and go to bed.

Sitting at 7:15 am 10:55 am

Derek and Rob have gone to purchase more kitchen items. Others are making a stop to the guitar megastore. Chris and Sebastian are painting. I have tablecloths in the wash.

Rob was not kidding about the noise generated by that washing machine. Actually, it sounds as if the first load must go into the dryer now.
Based on this morning’s guitar work, I might want to review IBE.
11:50 pm

End of the day. Much happened today. Much oatmeal was cooked today.

Dev cleans a mean bathroom.

11:58 pm

Hotmail just will not allow for a “reply”. Just think; The last time one of these courses was held, there was no email so…no big deal. Just an extra step.

Thursday-travel day, September 04, 2003

11:47 am

Went to sleep just after midnight, woke about 6:10, back to sleep until approximately 8:30. Out of bed at 8:47

Bathroom, sit, breakfast, etc.

Today is packing (repacking). I have been living out of my suitcase for two weeks now, but within these next few hours, I pack for real.

Laundry is going.
A pair of shorts need mending in the pocket.

I hope to have everything complete. I am looking at this as similar to “going to college”. Of course, when I went to college, both colleges were 15 & 90 miles from home. This is ‘grander’.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

11:32 pm
End of my last full day “at home”.
B & I went out taking care of some things.

I got a massage for the first time in about 2 1/2 years. Ironically, I have had a tension infused headache in the area that I had him work on. I could probably have a massage everyday for months and it might begin to take effect. Much of the tension is due to the mindset I have carried since before I was born…the chronically-worrying-mother.

24 hours from now, I might be diaryizing in Atlanta. I intend to continue this diary. What might be the situation with a computer?

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